I’m a Blogher Hot Mess

So my friend Becky just wrote this post. It stirred up how I feel about my own recent haircut. Not sure why we all think that it’s a good idea to get a new do right before we meet new people. Hint: It’s not.

After those thoughts, I passed myself in the mirror and laughed at the fact that I’m going to try and pass myself off as “put together” or something like that. Dare I do my first vlog on this hot mess?


  1. It was so great to meet you!

    If it's any consolation, you couldn't tell that your stylist fucked you hard. I was wondering why you mentioned her telling you that you need extensions. I'm a little slow :P

    This weekend was, no doubt, the first time in years that I've gotten clean, dressed, and made up 3 days in a row. Yeah, maybe I should post a V-log about how I look in real life. Or…maybe not, might scare someone. You're brave girl!

  2. You are totally a vlogger, and after meeting you in person in New York, I'm asking myself, how did I not know this hot mess before?! Mwah!! So glad we connected.

  3. OHMIGOD. Have I been living under a fucking rock??!? And then *just* when I was wishing that I had more of you in my life – this amazing blog appears?? Well. I, for one, am grateful. And I loved your hair, I didn't even notice all the steps ; )

  4. "shelf" = hilarious. & I TOTALLY know what you mean, happens to me every single day. BTW, you're way too pretty sans makeup & shower, I kinda hate you a little.

  5. I am still taking ibuprofen to get my fever down from meeting you… you are THAT HOT.

  6. You should vlog all the time. Seriously. It's your medium!

  7. It was so nice to meet you! You are just as funny in real life. I am thinking of some revenge stuff for you.

  8. girl you are so funny! i commend you for vlogging in this condition. cant wait to see you tomorrow bright and early at ORD. too bad we are not on the same flight!

  9. If you have to be a mess…. a hot one is the best one to be!

  10. you are adorable. my kinda hot mess.

  11. You are gorge.
    Shut it.
    (Do I know you well enough to tell you to shut it? Because I am.)

  12. Aw, I bet you clean up real purty!

  13. Awesome! You rock! I love that you are keeping it real. have fun in NYC!

  14. You are one hilarious hot mess. Hope to meet you in NYC, lady!

  15. Um, is this how the french are wearing their hair? If so I may need to move there until it grows out.

  16. Alexandra174 says:

    Ok, you are going to feel so good now. My little baby e sat on my lap, and BEFORE you even spoke, he said, "I like her, mom."

    Me, too, baby e, meeeeeeeee toooooo.

  17. Okay, I don't even feel like I look fab on my avatar, so you're one step ahead of me. And I rarely wear makeup these days, because I'm usually at the pool and even the waterproof mascara ends up at my knees.

    In short, you're still adorable. Just go and have fun for those of us who can't!

  18. You are adorable, your hair looks cute and wearing the same shirt since Sunday is very French! Have a great time at Blog Her.

  19. Hysterical! I hope I get to meet you, hot mess and all!

  20. i'll have you know that i am getting my haircut tomorrow and will be taking my paper bag for when i start hyperventilating as i think about your vlog. as if i don't already have enough anxiety about the way i look, now i am going to be scared of my hairstylist. thanks a lot, woman.

    see you soon!

  21. I used to have that haircut. The stylist? Is no longer my stylist. And that is all the info I can give on that. Ps. You? are awesome and win jammywars today for this vlog. I may have been a hot mess MUCH longer than noon, but you? you put it on a vlog. WINNER.

  22. I am more excited to meet you now than I was before. And that is saying a lot.

  23. Check it! You are the AWESOME!

    I love you for that vlog alone.

  24. That's how I'm going to look during BlogHer but I'll be in the suburbs of DC, hundreds of miles away from all the fun. So no one will care what my hair looks like. Which might be a good thing…

  25. Oh my God you are adorable. Now I'm REALLY MAD THAT I CAN'T GO.

  26. I bet that a lot of people who are going to Blogher are going through EXACTLY the same thing…and this vlog probably made a lot of them feel better, knowing they're not alone. I mean…WHO looks like their avatar?

    Have fun!


    • I just wanted people to know that really, I'm mostly a mess. Even if I DO shower while I'm there underneath there's bad hair, smudged makeup and smelly shirts.

  27. you. are. AWESOME!

    and I would dare to even say that your hair looks cute. :D

  28. A shelf!!!!! ::dead::

  29. I ♥ u :) "step step here – step step here" <– dying! Can't wait to meet you


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