Caution, Blogher Swag Ahead

Next to the parties, it’s the Swag that many are interested in. Though I was somewhat informed before I left, I was not prepared for what I encountered. I only took 1/2 of what was available to me and out of that only took about 1/2 home. Some stuff just couldn’t make the cut. This is some of which that did make it:

There were also coupons for completely free product including:
Egglands best eggs
Healthy choice meal
Stonyfield Yogurt
Hillshire farm lunchmeat
Ciao Bella gelato
Mc Donalds premium salad
An OttLite
Arm and Hammer lundry detergent

I tried to find out where I could drop off stuff but by that point it was too late so some was left behind.

Merry Christmas Housekeeping

38 thoughts on “Caution, Blogher Swag Ahead

    • Yes, yes it is. In other news school starts next week for BOTH of my kids. And no, I still don't feed parking lot trolls.

  1. I've been reading logher posts for over a week now and have to tell you this was by far the most entertaining! I didn't want your video to end..oh unless you were going to run out of shirts. Thanks for the fab post on the real deal on the swag:)

  2. You are hilarious! I agree the coupons are the best –they're light! Did you email for the Ott Lite yet? I did and did not get a reply. That looks super cool though.

  3. OMG you are freaking hysterical. Just foudn you from Melisa's blog. I'm also in the chicago burbs and am planning to go to BlogHer11 (i think I"ll up my life insurance policy now lol).
    Ps Powermat IS amazing!!

  4. what amazes me is that the swag you think is your favorite is stuff that i didn't even get at all. i think i got a couple of the same coupons and the martha stewart magazines and otherwise a completely different selection

  5. Haha! Hilarious. I gave my curling iron to my roommate, but I LOVE the flat iron…get some cream on that or something… and I love that you had on 2 shirts. I was waiting for more.

  6. "Let's hope it's a curling iron." Classic! Also, the drinking and curling is too much. Also Also, who has time to wear a glove and hold hair whilst curling? But your hair? Fantastic!

  7. I know I'm about the kajillionth person to comment this, but I EFFING LOVE YOU. And your whore face. Next time I'm in the Chicagoland area-we're getting down to business. And by business I mean consuming beverages and making fun of people.

  8. Maybe instead of sharing cabs with you, I should just follow you around because your swag stuff was amazing. I have NO use for the curling iron since I have no hair, but I'm majorly jealous of the toys you brought home and that frakkin' sharpie pen.

    Sorry about the burn. But I do feel anything you can't do while drinking wine shouldn't be done or allowed on this planet.

  9. I do believe the face that you just stripped for me makes us friends. Its a long shot, but i'm taking it. lol.
    I'm sorry you burned your self.
    -<3 Mrs. Rotty

  10. Oh, please PLEASE don't tell me that stick thing vibrated when you turned it on…and I don't think that's a "heat" glove, either…

    because if you answer, "as a matter of fact.." I'll just die here and now.

    By far the funniest post BLogHer video yet.

  11. Oh man, you trying to outdo me on traumatic scars on your forehead? You really, and I do mean really, underplayed that burn.

    Also? I want a powermat. I want it BAD. I also want a shirt.

    You know, vlogging is totally you. I love you.

  12. LMFAO! That is by far the BEST fucking video I have seen regarding BlogHer! I thought that my swag pile on my bed was hysterical, but you totally take the cake!

  13. Okay wait. I shoulda watched the video before commenting. HOW THE EF did you get such great stuff????? I barely got ANYTHING worth keeping like a dangerous curling iron or a charging station. Where was that shit at? I feel so cheated. I never got jeans. I got one pair of earrings from SocialLuxe but that's all.

    If I don't get invited to parties next year I'm selling that broke ass ticket at the last minute.

  14. I LOOOOOOOOVE YOU! Oh, and true story- I noticed that grill mark on your head when we were in LGA and I was going to ask if the curling iron maimed you, but then I didn't want to be rude and wondered if it was some traumatic childhood scar.

  15. Hey…love the new hair with the thing you think is the curling iron…maybe that's what the bracelet is made for!

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