The Next Target Christmas Champ

If you haven’t seen these commercials, here’s a shovel for the rocks.

They’re hilarious, obnoxious, and well, a little like me.

So I’ve been told.

I think we know this was bound to happen…..

You can see more of the real deal HERE.


So it was around 7:00 pm that I was poking around online and stumbled upon Target’s site where I read about this contest of sorts.

Dress up as the “Christmas Champ” and show up to Target. Fifty people would win a $500 gift card.


I was already going there to get a movie that was on sale and dressing up as her was only going to add to the complete crazy that was going to be my night anyways.

Wow. Long sentence much? It’s almost 2am. Cut me some slack.


I dress up, show up there around 10:40 or so.

Run up and start screaming “You ready for the Target 2 day sale?” to the crowd lined up.

Sure, people thought I was nuts.

I got in line and realized I had no idea how this contest worked and the workers there didn’t seem to know anything about it.

By the time I started stalking @Target (duh) I nearly missed their first contest.

I didn’t win.

But then I got on the second one right away.


You read that right.

I won a $500 Target gift card.

Still look silly in the checkout line?

Yes. But also, $500 richer.