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Me blkwhite

This accurately portrays me being smirky and distracted.

My name is Jen and I live in the Chicago suburb of Naperville. Yes, that Naperville that Reddit hates.

I started this site a long time ago to document life in the only way I know how, with a little bit of messy and complicated overlaid with humor. I have ADHD and while I don’t generally write about that experience, you should know that about me going in.

I did have 15 years of Martha Stewart magazines saved, but at some point I recycled them and moved on with my own level of building an empire.

Once in a while I take on subjects like having a bipolar parent, gun safely, and gay equality,  gifted education. I support equity, diversity, BLM, and public education. If you don’t like my politics, I actually don’t care. I’m not a moderate but I’m also not without reason.

I’ve been on MSNBC, NPR, Good Morning America, some local Chicagoland media and probably something else I’m forgetting but that’s not generally my goal. I’m an introvert but will step out into the “light” when warranted.

I don’t generally do reviews but when I do they have to be a good fit. I have worked with the brands: Moen, Martha Stewart, Staples and Sherwin Williams. If you want to read more of where I’ve written, performed, interviewed or quoted then you can find that on this page (which is woefully out of date but who can keep track of every place that links you.) 

I started my online life with twitter and still tweet regularly @TheNextMartha. I share a lot of my daily life on Instagram. You can even find me on TikTok if the algorithm lets you ;).

If you stick around, I’ll bake you cookies. They’ll be gluten-free because I’m a jerk like that.

I’m really obsessed with Halloween. Think of me as Glinda the Good witch mixed with Michael Myers.

I used to freelance IT work and then the pandemic hit so I took a pivot to something more fulfilling and started a gardening design business. I know that’s quite the range of skills and I actually consider myself a multipotentialite.

I also collect 3 ft dolls and am taller than I look online.

Thanks for stopping by.

18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So funny! I am NOT a blog reader AT ALL, yet I found myself reading a lot of your posts :) You remind me of myself especially with the social son. My husband is the bipolar one in my life (undiagnosed – but still). I will follow …..

  2. I just stumbled across your blog. Really enjoying it. I'm the least Martha-Stewarty. Ever. Well, I knit, but not well. I'm killer at interior fridge decoration. I guess there's that, too.

    Keep writing and I'll keep reading. We shook on it. I swear we did.
    My recent post trial by pee

  3. Another ADD/ADHD mom?! Hurray! That’s so…hey…what’s that making that noise over there? I should google noisemakers, maybe I could make those and sell them, maybe I should be a professional party planner, maybe I should go back to school!…wait, what?

  4. Ah! I'm so happy to meet my twin….I thought I was the only one trying to make it in suburbia…so far, not working.
    found you through jessica bern… so glad to be here, so I can feel normal.

    • It totally used to be. Then I added vegetable wash and hand soap and it became too cluttered. I now house all three in one of those shower dispensers that I have mounted on the outside of the cabinet above my sink. I press the button and the soap falls right into the sink. It's a little genius.

    • *sigh* I did this too. My dad cooked mushrooms in Dawn detergent on one visit. They weren't as tasty as they sound.

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