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HLN Raising America- call in about play dates with guns 

The Today Show


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Buzzfeed (1)

Buzzfeed (2)

Buzzfeed (3)


Chicago Now


Chicago Tribune

The Mighty

HuffPost Parents

HuffPost Women

Baby Fat Book- tweet published



Texas Balls at Stay at Home Pundit

Creative Kids equal Creative Messes at Family Sized Fun

I Have No Toilet Training Advice at Smonkyou

Why I Deserve a Penis at Mommy Wants Vodka

I was an Import at Sweet Merciful Crap and Other Things

Test of Strength at In These Small Moments

My kid is gifted and it’s not just because he’s                                                            smart and Twitter Rockstar 101 at Diana Wrote

We’re all toilet trained. Almost at Sluiter Nation

Making sure Everyone knows about PPD at Postpartum Progress


 Halloween Related Guest Posts

Sippy Cup Mom…….……….. If You Haunt it, They Will Come

Minnesota Joy………………Tombstone Tutorial

Brooklyn Limestone…………. Goulish Guest Series

Chicago Now………………….. Amazing DIY Halloween decorations take                                                                    planning and passion

That one time I was on stage:   Post


I blog (some) Halloween here and this profile has the most extensive collection of my Halloween display:  The Halloween Forum.

I have another blog at : The Gift that Keeps On Giving that is old and neglected. I know having a gifted child can make you feel isolated so please feel free to contact me with any questions.

One thought on “I’m Here

  1. Hi Jen, this is Mark and Linda from the Chicago Frights Show. Just dropping you a line to say Hello and to tell you we enjoyed meeting you. Here are a few web sites to check out if you are interested….hauntedprops.com, allscare.com, scareproducts.com, VFXcreates.com, and this last one is good for pneumatics and it is halloweenfx.com. These are few from the Transworld show in St. Louis. Take care. Hope to see you next year at Chicago Frights.

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