And the winner is Flat Lori!!!!!

Well I can’t say for sure what her current shape is but the on that will be coming with me will be in flat form. So Congrats and HOLY VOTES! I now know who to call to bring in the votes. (Seriously, amazing)

Ok, here’s the deal.

*So Lori gets to choose 3 bloggers that she would love to meet.
*Flat Lori and I will get to go to some fab parties including:
……..Martha Stewart
……..The Peoples Party

Do you like #FlatLori?
If not then let me know b/c you know you’re gonna want to track yourself with the special hashtag.

Also, I’m sure there will be many other picture opportunities that will be full of the awesome.


I was talking to my friend Aunt Becky (@mommywantsvodka) and she wanted in on the action because she is super cool like that. She said, I’ll take the 2nd place person. I mean really, how nice is she. Wait, I shouldn’t call her nice. When I did an automatic knife came out of her pocket. Let’s just say she’s fab.

So guess what? Adrienne you get to go with Aunt Becky. I can’t say exactly what you’ll experience with her and her pranksters but it’s full of awesome and many “shut your whore mouths.”

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

I was truly touched how people responded and even a few people mentioned meeting me. I mean really? Little old me with my chin hairs and mustache? So honored that I have met so many people on twitter that I have come to adore and “share” my life with. This is for you:

You are ALL coming with. I am going to print up all of your twitters and have them as a tweet roll on the back of my shirt. Because I love you and love that you came by.

Ok, now that’s MUCH nicer than I ever like to be so don’t tell anyone, gotta keep SOME street cred before NY.

13 thoughts on “And the winner is Flat Lori!!!!!

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    • We ARE going to rock the hell out of this. Know why? Flat Adrienne is up for all kinds of shit that regular Adrienne would be too old and/or tired and/or self-conscious to do.

      Leg humping? Bring it on. Late night karaoke? Hell yes!

      Flat Adrienne drinks dark beer, is fond of margaritas, and will drink almost any drink that starts with vodka. Also? No wine.

      When Flat Adrienne gets a few drinks into her, she likes to make out. A lot.

      Except she doesn't really need the drinks for the making out.

  2. ….so many ways to get yourself to BlogHer. If you wanna go, you can go, even money can't stop you. Yay Flat Lori. And Aunt Becky is sweet, not even secretly….have fun!

  3. Thanks! How exciting! however, being technically handicapped, I left my comment under my Administrator name Queen Momma and while I hate to get on your back, well actually I'm flattered that I'll be on your back, but is it possible to use my twitter name (SwEtMrciflCrap) on your shirt instead?? Puhleese! or you could just tell me to shut up ;)

  4. So, basically? Aunt Becky is full of the awesome! In a total bitch way. I mean, it's not like she's being NICE for crying out loud. But my love for Adrienne knows no bounds, so I'm all full of happy that she's going with Aunt Becky.

    OMG. Does this mean FlatAdrienne is going to be on a PANEL at Blogher too?

    Holy smokes, she's hit the freaking big time.

  5. This? Is the coolest thing I have EVER heard of!! I love Lori. I love Adrienne! I love your ideas. And I even love your new little goatee. Whoo hoo BlogHer!!!

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