I’m >thisclose< to Martha Stewart now.

Remember when I was sent a box of craft goods from Martha Stewart and I made those Halloween frames?  That was for a contest.  I didn’t mention it at the time because I wasn’t entirely clear on all the details and in the end, I didn’t win.

It was fine.  I liked my craft and thought I used a wide range of items to create custom frames that Martha Stewart ended up pinning on her Pinterest board.

That happened.

And?  I still have a box of Martha Stewart crafts.

I think if you add all that up, I still won.

After a few weeks,  I was contacted to review Martha Stewart items (through Avery)  that were coming out.   One was a calendar line and the other a holiday wrapping line.

Let’s think about that.  Me, reviewing Martha Stewart products.


Now, if I’m going to be completely honest, I actually wrote back and turned down the calendar option.  That’s right.  Turned down.  I have about 5 calendar “systems” in place at any one time and I just don’t think I’m the best person to review calendars.    My current system is like this:

Wake up.  Get kids ready for school, grab keys to leave, OMG TODAY IS PICTURE DAY let’s comb your hair, change your shirt and wipe the syrup face while we walk to the car!

But then she wrote back and said “Don’t you need one for your collection?”

And there’s my Achilles heel people.

Yes.  Yes I do need one of Martha Stewarts calendars for my collection.

Then I was told that Martha Stewart herself would see these reviews.  This is my first product review and Martha Stewart might see it?   Is this for real?

I think we know my only choice was to video review it.

You can find a coupon to buy these products HERE.

See the whole Avery line HERE.

The one thing I would like to see would be the ability to personalize the covers.  Like, some way to change out the cover with a slip-on of a different design, or a photo sleeve.  Am I the only one who gets bored of looking at the same thing for a year?



As much as I really like these calendars, I have a hard time using one let alone four.

Or maybe they knew how disorganized I am so they loaded me up.

Anyways, since they were generous in giving me many, I’m giving them away.

Leave me a comment with which one you like and if you get picked, I’ll mail it to you.

Please, let me help you get organized in 2013.  I’ll just be over here under this stack of papers.


P.S. Of course I will be saving one for my ever growing shrine, I mean collection


P.P.P.S  Did you know that I used to have my own custom gift wrapping business?  Oh, I so did and can not wait to get my hand on that product.  You come back for that.


I was not paid for any of these words, links,  OR my unedited made with a head cold video.  I was sent these calendars in exchange for a review from a company working with Avery.  They didn’t tell me how to review them but I think we can agree the video adds a little something to the whole topic.  And if you really had any doubt, all written and video opinions are my own.  Finally, they didn’t ask me to do a giveaway.  That was my idea.  And I’m paying for shipping on my own because I’m generous and I care about your calendar needs.



The Next Target Christmas Champ

If you haven’t seen these commercials, here’s a shovel for the rocks.

They’re hilarious, obnoxious, and well, a little like me.

So I’ve been told.

I think we know this was bound to happen…..

You can see more of the real deal HERE.


So it was around 7:00 pm that I was poking around online and stumbled upon Target’s site where I read about this contest of sorts.

Dress up as the “Christmas Champ” and show up to Target. Fifty people would win a $500 gift card.


I was already going there to get a movie that was on sale and dressing up as her was only going to add to the complete crazy that was going to be my night anyways.

Wow. Long sentence much? It’s almost 2am. Cut me some slack.


I dress up, show up there around 10:40 or so.

Run up and start screaming “You ready for the Target 2 day sale?” to the crowd lined up.

Sure, people thought I was nuts.

I got in line and realized I had no idea how this contest worked and the workers there didn’t seem to know anything about it.

By the time I started stalking @Target (duh) I nearly missed their first contest.

I didn’t win.

But then I got on the second one right away.


You read that right.

I won a $500 Target gift card.

Still look silly in the checkout line?

Yes. But also, $500 richer.