The Halloween Prop Unseen

Last year it rained on Halloween. A lot. It rained so much that many of my electronic items were taken inside not to be put out that day. Sigh.

It was the first year I got into building with motors. I had this idea to have dolls spinning in the graveyard like they were playing. I ordered the motor and built this spinning platform AND IT WORKED.

And then it wasn’t even seen.

So here it is and I hope this year it’s able to get it’s creep on. They’ve been waiting.

Halloween 2014- What’s new

Or also titled:

“What I’ve purchased and no I can’t help myself and yes my husband knows.”

I have my regular hit list of places that I go to each year. Sometimes I use a Halloween Forum threads to help find products as well.

So what did I get this year?

Mercury glass tends to be expensive but I got these at Big Lots. The Skull was $8 and the balls were $5 each.

Mercury glass tends to be expensive but I got these at Big Lots. The Skull was $8 and the balls were $5 each.

I got this Skeleton Cat at JoAnn fabrics.  It was on sale and I was able to use a coupon.

I got this Skeleton Cat at JoAnn fabrics. It was on sale and I was able to use a coupon.

Pumpkin Gutter Tool

We carve between 6-8 pumpkins a year. My husband is in charge of the guts so when I saw this, I grabbed it because there are only so many scoopers we can break before it’s time to upgrade.

These guys were at a local grocery store. I've also seen them at a few other places. I'm going to incorporate them into a tombstone.

These guys were at a local grocery store. I’ve also seen them at a few other places. I’m going to incorporate them into a tombstone.

These were on sale at CVS.

These were on sale at CVS.

These two are a knock-off from Grandin Road.  They are much smaller than the originals and don’t have the head movement but they do talk to each other, mouths move, and eyes light up. Since they were on sale for $20, I’ll take a downgrade in features.  I plan on using them on a tombstone set up somehow.  You can see a video of the originals here.

Grave Zombie

I got this guy at Menards. His head turns, eyes light up as he moans and groans. Kind of like me in the morning before coffee.

This came from Spirit Halloween.

This came from Spirit Halloween.


The reaper came from CVS, I already owned the mummy but I thought they made a cute couple. I would have to say this item was the deal of the year. If you open up a CVS card then you got a $10 off coupon so he came to $40. Considering his eyes light up and he has multiple sayings as his mouth moves, he’s a best value. Go. Get one.
If you want to see a video, then go here. This kid is really into Halloween and I couldn’t resist watching his videos about Halloween. Start ‘em young is what I like to say.

Grumpy Granny

This grumpy granny came from Walgreens. She lunges forward rocking in her chair saying multiple grumpy Halloween things like “Get off my porch, I don’t have time for Halloween.”  She made me laugh. I have an Instagram video of her.

Prop Motor

This doesn’t look too exciting yet but it’s the motor I’m going to use to build a flying crank ghost. I got it from Fright Props. You should check them out if you really want to up your game.


I got this guy at Jewel, a local grocery story. He’s sort of silly in that his eyes light up and he moves his mouth while singing “I ain’t got no booooody.”  but it made me and the kids laugh, so you know, purchased.

Spinning Doll

And finally, we have her. She’s a nice addition to the doll theme. I have a few ideas on how I might add her to the graveyard. She came from Spirit Halloween and she rolls around talking on a roomba looking thing. She’s fantastic.

I also have a few more 3ft dolls, but that’s for another time.

Now, let’s go do something with this stuff….



What October 1st looks like here…


Many people think I start setting up way earlier than I actually do. Sure, sometimes I set up the inside of my house in September (not this year) but mostly I start the outside set up on the 1st weekend in Oct.


Maybe, but once it’s set up, it needs to be managed. Weather being a big factor in how much effort it takes everyday. Most of my electronic stuff can not be put out this early, though I do try and have it out and on on the weekends.

So what does my house look like today?  It starts in the attic, where I store most of Halloween.  If I’m being honest, it’s in almost every room inside my house as well, but the bulk of it is here.


And this is what my living room looks like today:







Scared?  Me too but maybe not for the same reason.

Halloween is mostly a one person gig around here.  Me.  I love it but at this starting point, it’s hard not to feel a little overwhelmed at the monumental self imposed task at hand.

So I eat some candy corn, grab a skull, and get my haunt on.  I typically don’t blog too much about Halloween but I’m going to make an effort this year to.  Probably.  So come back and when you do, bring me a PSL will ya?  Thanks.

We’re not allowed to play together.

My son has just entered Jr. High this year. It’s been a period of anticipation, mild anxiety, and transitions.

For me.

He’s been mostly clear sailing. Sure he likes or dislikes this subject, or complains about certain things, but overall, it’s been a pretty smooth transition. He even won the first student award given for the year, so I’d say he’s doing just fine.

I knew that being in a single building dedicated to the tween years, there would be some drama mixed with hormones with a side of eye rolling. I just didn’t expect it would come from the parents.

My son recently invited a friend over to hang out. Upon asking his parents, he replied with

“My mom doesn’t want me to hang out with you.”

My son tells me with tears welled up in his eyes.

Sure, at 5’6” he looks like a young man, but at 11, he’s still a child and he certainly didn’t expect to hear that.

I’ve never had any discipline issues with my children. That is not to say they are perfect or without faults from time to time. It’s just not been a constant theme with either of them. They make mistakes, we talk about them and try to correct said behavior for any future similar situations.

My son had gone to this child’s house over the summer for a birthday party. It was a sleepover that my son did not participate in, but he did stay late that evening. My son was picked up (by my husband) and some small conversation did happen but never did my son’s behavior come up.

It seems a bit unfair.

If you’re going to ban my child, then at least give me the insight to the behavior that made you reach this decision. Having my son’s friend “deal” with this situation also seems unfair to him as well. But I digress.

I guess I’m feeling multiple things. Sadness for my son who doesn’t understand what he did. Confused as to why my son would be banned under circumstances not expressed to me. And mad. What about the damn village? These are young kids just learning their way in the world, with newly acquired emotions and hormones. Help parents help them learn their way.

Raising children is hard people and when your child does something next? I’ll be over here trying to support and help you because we’re all in this together.