WELCOME! to my House

This post is sponsored by Sherwin Williams and when you paint as much as I do, you JUMP at the chance to work with them. No brainer. Of course this is my website and my own words and if you need proof of that, look for the 3ft doll cameo.  Would I really have it any other way?


We put new flooring in over 2 years ago and I still haven’t repainted my front entry to go with them. (I’m looking at you, life)

The existing color had a lot of yellow in it and it just didn’t go with the new flooring at all. I also really struggled with what to do with that front table of mine.

I had a Halloween table, Xmas table, but my everyday table set up was a snore.



When Sherwin Williams wanted to work together for national painting week, they actually suggested doing my front door.

We just had our porch rebuilt and a new front door put on last year so I reminded them of its current awesome status.

That door color is like a smile on the front of my house. It’s staying.

Entry 1

Then they asked if I had an entry…..and although small, I do.

I would be lying if I said I was all LET’S DO THIS because I could not find inspiration for this project in the last 2 years. On the other hand, I felt like this was the push I needed to FIND the inspiration.

And I did.

Right in my own backyard.


That pile of wood is my neighbors old fence. You can see his new fence in the background. He offered some of the wood to us when he took it down and I said YES! I figured it could be good fire pit wood.  Or home decor?

So I started with a pile of wood and then worked from there.

Listen, I don’t understand my brain either.

I decided that although the black table worked for other holidays, for my everyday look, it was just too dark.

So I fixed that too.

Entry 2

Can we all say ahhhhhhhhhhh

The walls without the yellow hue, the new light table color and some old fence art.

Our family is word focused and it’s sort of our motto that anything goes around here.


Funny side story, I wanted to paint the back of the front door and told my husband that I was thinking about a grey.  He says “More grey? I feel like we’re just not grey people.”

So let it be known that I listened to him once.

Entry 3_edited-1

Paint Colors:

House: Retreat SW 6207

Trim:  Alabaster SW 7008

Wall: Useful Grey SW 7050

Entry Table: Raindrop SW 6485

Back of Front Door: Mariner SW 6766

I’d like to thank Sherwin Williams for being so great to work with and getting me to finally have a decent WELCOME to my home.

Want to see another project? Check out my friend Monica’s gorgeous office doors. 

Sanctibloggers are Annoying too

I’m not big on writing against other speak pieces because I generally don’t care enough.

But this has reached the “annoyed me for 3 days” point so here it is.

I recently read a piece by someone who claimed mommy blogs suck and then presented all the reasons why.

strong women

My first thought was, so you admitted to be part of the imaginary online “problem” and have now changed your tune to becoming the “good kind” of blogger. Good on you.

But you know what? Who cares.

Who cares if someone buys hosting, a url, builds a WordPress site and then decides to solely write about the newest razor!!!  diaper pail!!! or gluten free cookie!!! all sent to them for free, natch.

How does that affect your life directly? It’s a click on the X. Try it.

And to those who attend every blogging conference wanting to grow their site, pimp products, all while shoving toilet wands into their purse at the same time? Rock on.

Sure, those people can be cringe worthy, but so is someone who takes the time to point them out as a problem. And I GET that I have written pieces doing such, but they are an attempt at humor towards the whole event, not mean spirited.

And, I’m aware these words can also be considered “part of the mommy blogger problem”

My point is this; until you pay someone’s hosting fees, secure their url, design their site, stop with the judgement and take a seat on your internet/blog rules.

There’s room for everyone.

Maybe there’s a single mom who uses those review/give away sites in hopes to win stuff for her family she couldn’t otherwise afford.

You judging now?


P.S. I don’t care if my blog sucks or if no one is reading it.

I know, shocking.

I do care about grammar so let me know about any typos.

Teachers Gifts, in case my kid makes you want to drink version

When your kid is in Jr. High you just never know what is going on at school so this year I decided to take a different twist on my teachers gift.

And when the name of the local bar and grill plays perfectly into my idea?

Yes, thankyouverymuch.

Gift 1

This is the gift card holder. I put the bottle upside down into the envelope.

Tgift 2

I put the gift cards, and holders into these paper lockers.

You can see previous years gift ideas here and here.