I might be homeschooling. OMG.

Let’s pause and take a good look at that title for a moment.

Ok. Ok. Breath, me.

Having a child who doesn’t fit conventional schooling has always had me think about homeschooling.  It’s easy to over analyze early education years into regrets.  It’s not that he didn’t learn in those years but right at the point in which his brain process was wide with creative thoughts, I sent him to a place that supports thoughts within boundaries.

With a few exceptions, we had a handful of pretty good years until this year.

Along with the rest of the country, our district is adjusting curriculum to meet common core standards. I am actually in support of the standards, so this is not me against common core.  What this is about is how my district has changed curriculum and how those changes have been implemented.

Within the 1st month of school my son started complaining about language arts. To make sure it wasn’t just teenage crazy going on, I had him write me a paper with his thoughts on it.  Next, I went to a presentation on how the new language arts curriculum was being implemented. I sat with an open mind but the thing that struck me overall was the BOXED in feeling of it. I can’t explain exactly what I was picking up on but I asked a question about “the creative child” and was assured that this new curriculum was a great fit for all children.

Every day he came home with a criticism of the curriculum. He would pick it apart and would talk to me in exhaustion on how this should be that way, or x, or y, or z or omygoshigetitkid.

My son is also gifted in persistent point making.

So we talked with the teacher at parent teacher conferences about his concerns.

Then we had a meeting with the school curriculum assistant and his teacher.

When neither of those seemed to work, we explored getting him into the district gifted program, but I refuse to play the game, and that’s a different tangent.

Illinois gets a lot of things wrong about education, but not homeschooling. I don’t know how that group has done it but Illinois is a really friendly homeschooling state. We can even part time homeschool subjects with them going to school for the rest.

So that’s where I’m at.  The school has been notified; I have looked into curriculums and have even found one that I think is perfect for him. That’s what this is about anyways.  Him, his needs, and not being blinded into believing that education is a one size fits all approach. Because it’s not.


Half Bath Wall Texture DIY

Home projects seem to snowball don’t they?

We were having wood flooring installed on our first floor. This meant that the kitchen flooring ,some sort of laminate, was getting ripped up. This same flooring happened to also ran into a half bath.

No worries, I‘ll just run the new wood flooring into the bathroom I thought.

I had friends and plumbers insist that this was a bad idea.

Water and wood are not great friends it seems. Considering the flooring in the bathroom was already buckled due to a toilet leak, I reluctantly gave in and decided to do tile.

And we know how that story goes….

If you decide to change out the flooring then you’ll want a new vanity.

If you decide to get a new vanity, then you’ll want a new light fixture.

If you decide to get a new light fixture, then you’re going to want to paint.

If you paint your bathroom then you now have a snowball project.

Before Snowball

This bathroom is pitifully small. I wanted something to make it a little more unique than the small rectangle that it was. I decided a texture on the back wall would add visual interest.

I had fallen in love with these type of wall tiles but once I priced out a 4×8 wall it was about $150.

I knew I wanted texture but didn’t want it for that much and honestly those tiles were thicker than I wanted to take off from the room dimensions.

So. Hmm.

How do I get texture that is cheap and preferably not permanent that would cause damage to wall.

Wait a second.

I have the answer.


“How do you always make it about Halloween,Jen, you might be asking”

Stay with me here.


4×8 Sheet of polystyrene.  $15.00 (I use this to make tombstones)

Dremel tool OR a wood burning tool

Heat gun (if using Dremel)



I knew I wanted to sort of copy this pattern that was in the light fixture I had picked out.

Light Inspiration for Wall Texture

Wall Texture DIY

And then I used the heat gun to smooth out the rough edges

Wall Texture DIY


 I then installed it and since I cut it pretty close to wall size, I just sort of shoved it in place. Next I painted and caulked the edges along existing walls.

Wall Texture DIY

So, how cool is that?

Patterns are endless on this project and I love the end result.

  Wall Texture DIY

Pastry Bag Caulking

I tore the carpet off my stairs in hopes of finding beautiful wood ones that matched seamlessly with my new wood floors.

I’ll give you a moment to laugh.

I had no idea you guys. NO IDEAS on what I would find and the amount of Pineapple Fanta it would take to get through it all.

The staples

The wood filling

The sanding

The sanding

The sanding

It was all going fine until THE CAULKING.

Really. How exactly to caulk guns even exist. They are the worst tool out there.

First you need to cut some arbitrary sized hole and load it into the caulk gun of mis-judgement. Once the trigger is squeezed no matter how small the hole is, a rushing glob of caulk oozes out at 30mph and will NOT STOP COMING OUT even if you cauterize it with a flame torch.

You spread the caulk only to wipe away 97% onto your pants, shirt, hair, and eventually the cat walking by.

Every push of the trigger starts the swearing engine.

“This MotherFu*king caulk gun fu*king BLOWS asshole chunks of shit all over the damn place and no, no no no no, I’m fu*king done”

Ahem. Sorry. Let’s be honest, I’m writing about caulk here, it was bound to happen.

Moreover I can’t seem to get the right small amount that I need without the constant pressure of MOAR CAULK that will not stop coming out of the damn gun.

I can’t. Nope. Just No.

There must be a better way.

And there was.



Easy access change out tips in different hole sizes?  Check.

I control the pressure and timing of ooze?  Check

Cleaner? Check

Less swearing? Mostly check. I’m not a miracle worker here.