Kids with food allergies, I got you covered.

I’ve been gluten free for almost 1.5 years. In that time I have learned a lot about hidden gluten, cross contamination, and manufacturing of food. It’s not easy, but it is always necessary for me to be informed so I don’t fall ill.

For example, I can eat a butterfinger but NOT a seasonal themed one. Why? They add gluten to the seasonal ones. Why?  I have no idea but that is just one example.

I’ve been decorating for Halloween for about 14 years. My display attracts quite a number of kids and I love the energy it brings to my little corner of the neighborhood.

This year, a local mother who has 2 children diagnosed with EOE posted about the teal pumpkin project. It was the first I had heard of it, but I knew immediately that I was going to participate.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to come to a house decorated like this

Halloween collage1

Just to realize that the treat bag has nothing in it that you can eat.

So count me in for supporting kids who have allergies and helping them feel like they’re included.

Teal Pumpkin

And for those naysayers about this effort?

It’s TRICK or treat you idiots.

No one is taking anything away from your snicker mouth stuffing kids.

What we are doing? Helping all children have a fun and safe Halloween.

4 thoughts on “Kids with food allergies, I got you covered.

  1. I love this and it’s not just for the allergy kids. My niece has juvenile diabetes. Halloween is the worst for her because while all these kids get to shove candy in their faces from the moment the festivities kick off – she has to wait and then, carefully with her mom they will say, “okay let’s see if we can put together 20 grams of carbs” – and that will total, like, two treats – tops.
    Jen, as always, you are a class act.
    Thank you.

  2. Who nay says that? What if a kid with a food allergy freaking DIES from cross contamination? I’m doing this too, have lots of fun toys from OTC, just need to get my teal pumpkin painted :) The sign is good too, since some parents won’t know what the teal pumpkin means…

    • You know how the rule is to \”never read the comments?\” Well, it\’s a good one. So much ignorance out there and it doesn\’t even apply to their kids so why do they care?!

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