December Craft Off

What happened to the Craft Off concept?

Halloween did.    Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I could not let someone challenge me at Halloween because if I didn’t win?  Let’s just not think about that.

Then Halloween hangover happened and how did Thanksgiving get here so quick?!

But now I’m ready.

Are you?

Last year I did my first gingerbread house from one of those Wilton kits.  I liked it way more than I should and got the kids their own houses so they couldn’t corrupt mine with their haphazard candy placement.

I decided this year I would do another one.  And since it all worked out so perfectly last year, got the kids their own again.

So that’s the challenge.  A Gingerbread House.


1) Must be a gingerbread house that you have made.  Kids can help with your house if you want,  Just not mine.   Gingerbread house kits are fine.  Target had them on sale this week for $8.

2) Must all be edible.  Not that you would want to eat it because, yuck.

 Please submit your photo to me at by Dec. 17th.   I ask that you don’t post about your house until voting is over so people don’t know which ones is yours.  This evens the playing field.

Update:  I’m going to allow more than one picture for this.  I’ll probably use the picmonkey collage feature so if you want to send me them in that format, I’m fine with that.   I’m still going to try and have all the pictures be approx same size.

Voting will be opened and then announced on the 20th, which also happens to be my birthday so don’t ruin it by beating me.

Kidding. Not really.