You might have been an asshole at a conference if….

1)You start to follow people on twitter from the business cards you collected and you’ve already been

 2)Your facebook blog page has shrunk over the weekend.

3)You try to DM a friend “Get me out of this conversation with @person” and instead you publicly tweet it.

4) Someone says they read your blog and you apologize to them.

5) You assume that the serving of cake pops is 10.

6) You treated the vendor areas like a shopping trip to Costco

7) You treated the vendor areas like a game of tackle football

8) You ripped apart a vendor display to get to the toilet wands.

9) You don’t reserve a large enough venue and people end up sitting on the floor eating lunch.

10) You were a hotel employee that assumed that every woman there was a blogger and not worth the customer service they deserved.

11) You thought I might fall for spamming the hell out of my community by offering me a “chance” to win something.

12) You never really gave people the attention they deserved and had a wandering eye for the “next big thing” around the corner.

13) You met tall, short, thin, fat, beautiful, or ugly people and judged or dismissed them instead of finding them the whole reason you were there.