Hanging Memories

I knew early on that I wanted my kids to each have a little tree in their room.

This tree serves as two purposes. First, Santa leaves one small gift under their room tree. This serves the purpose of delaying them rushing downstairs before we even get out of bed. We can hear them rip open the paper while excitement fills their voice that now can be heard from our room.

It’s one of my favorite moments of the year.

The second reason is to hold memory ornaments. Each year I pick an ornament that represents that year in some way.

-It might be a bus that was one of Tegan’s first words.

-It might be a fish that represents the year that Braden declared that he was going to be a marine biologist.

-It might be a character that they are really into that year.

-It might be a musical ornament that represented the year that Braden asked for “A complete orchestra” for Christmas.

-It might be a racing ornament that represents how much Tegan loves hotwheels.

-It might be a disco ball that each of them chose to represent the dance parties that often happen in our living room.

I love these little trees not only for the extra time it gives me on the 25th, but for the memories they each hold.