Thank You

Over 3 years ago my husband mentioned that maybe I’d like twitter.

“Twitter? What is that?”

“It’s social media.  Like Facebook”

Considering I wasn’t on Facebook, that didn’t really help me.  Twitter just sounded cooler than Facebook, so that night I set up an account.

Hmm.  I wonder if he regrets suggesting that to me?

It was love at the first 140.

For the first year, I tweeted to myself.

I didn’t know what the @ button was.  I never checked it.  I just kept plugging away with my 140 thoughts and noticed that I had a few followers.

One day I decided to click that “@” thing and noticed that people were tweeting TO me.  Like conversation.


Through new found conversation, people on twitter kept asking where my blog was.

This was hilarious to me.  A)  I don’t write.  B) I got a C in college English 103.

That combo didn’t exactly scream “Put paragraphs together!”

After some encouragement from people, many listed here, I would try this blog thing.

And that brings me to today.

Tonight I will stand on a stage to read words that I put together.

Words that would have never been put together without her.

Words that didn’t exist before my rambling daily 140’s.

Words that continued on this blog of mine that you may read.

Words that are possible for me to share because Ann Imig created the Listen to your Mother show.

Three years ago, there was no way I would have seen this in my future.

The love, support, and words of encouragement have been overwhelming.

And it’s amazing.

Thank You.


And a special thank you to the producers Melisa, Tracey, and the cast who each are beyond amazing.

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