Come to Blogher with me (sorta) Contest.

So here’s the deal. There are those that are going and those that are not. I get it. I’ve been online when the #HeyI’mHavingFunAndYou’reNot hastags fill my stream and I want to punch them all. I don’t even know why? I mean I should be happy that these women are all getting their geek on together but I never am. So here’s the deal. I’ll bring you with. Now, now before you get all crazy, I’m no rich person. I’ll bring you in form. That form being a 12-15″ cut-out of you.

Here’s also what I’ll do:

–You give me the three people you would want to see there if you WERE going and I’ll do my best to get “you” with them.

–You get to come to all the events that I will be attending which includes:
*The (freaking) Martha Stewart blogger Party
*The People’s Party
* Sparkle Corn
*There will obviously have to be a special hashtag for you.
* And MORE

How can you get in on this?

Leave me a tweet sized comment below and then who ever gets the most “thumbs ups” on their comment wins.

You can vote up to three people.

Winner will be announced on Sunday at 7:00pm.