Pizza Two Ways

What is it about kids and their eating habits?   Is it some sort of law that if you have a child that ONLY wants sausage pizza, you will also have a child that ONLY likes cheese pizza.   I know I can’t be the only one.

I tried taking pizza turns.  If we had cheese this time we would have sausage next time.  It’s not like the sausage kid would not each cheese, he just wanted sausage.  But I learned that didn’t go the other way around.   I tried cooking sausage pizza and just pick off the sausage for the cheese kid.

Come on, you’ve done that right?

“Mommy, why does my pizza taste funny, I don’t like it.  Can I have chicken nuggets instead?”


Then one day it hit me to do this:


I take the frozen whole pizzas, use a butcher knife to cut them in half and then put half of each together back into their boxes.

You want cheese?  You want sausage?  Done.