Kid Shorts

I’m more likely to tweet about my kids than I am to write about them. I guess I generally don’t have full on stories about them. Or really, maybe it’s because I’m a mom who is home 24/7 so if I’m on the computer it’s finally something that’s not all about them.

This week there have been a few cute and funny stories so I thought I’d share.

It’s mostly for me to remember though so don’t feel bad for clicking BACK right about now.


I decided that the number of lights on at our house at any given time is out of control. Some of it is the kids fault, some of it is the adults. Ahem.


I decided that we would all get a cup with 10 dimes in it. If one of us catches someone leaving a light on, whoever left the light on would owe that person a dime.

I was upstairs and my four year old was going from room to room. I was distracted so I asked what he was doing and he said “I’m just doing a house inspection for lights, you owe me a dime.” as he turns off my bathroom light.

Needless to say, it’s working.


We haven’t had a pet in a few years. We had a cat that died and just haven’t committed to replace him. My younger son was about 2 when the cat died so I’m not entirely sure he even remembers the cat we had.

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t because I was in the kitchen today, I glanced over at him.

He was at the fruit bowl “petting” the apples and oranges and saying “Good apple, good orange.”


A neighborhood kid stopped by to play with my older son.
He didn’t want to go out so I was coercing him and I finally said

“Will you just go out to play, she looks lonely”

His response: “Hey, we’ve all got our problems to deal with”


My older sons birthday is this week and it’s been pretty rough on my younger son. He is super competitive and wants to have his birthday NOW as well. He insisted on picking out toys for his birthday. You know. The one that is in JUNE? I handed him the toys r us flyer. I then overhead the following conversation:

Tegan (4) was at the kitchen table with Braden (9)

T: I’m going to circle this toy. Braden do you think I’ll like it?

B: I think that’s for babies Tegan

T: But I like it. I can put stuff inside and no one can get me

B: But it’s for babies, is that what you want?

T: Yes, then I can play in there with all my toys, like a fort.

B: Tegan, listen, that is a baby toy. You don’t want that.

T: (getting mad walks up to me with paper in hand) Mommy, will I like this toy?

Me: Probably not, but it looks like a great idea anyways.















And then there’s this:


























This is my warm up post. This weekend I’m auditioning for the Chicago location of Listen to Your Mother.

Wish me luck.