I’m PR Lazy

I read this post and it sort of struck me. I’m really bad at making money. I thought of the few offers that I have received. I’m not a blogger who has a ton of offers coming into my mailbox, but I have had enough to know I must not be invisible.

But what’s the point of them?

I guess to make money and to give (insert product/company) some exposure. But I’m lazy. Like really lazy when it comes to blogging. And I have next to no follow through.

I had this one offer that wanted me to write a post and then stick a few links into it. Let’s get this straight. First of all, that means writing a post. Secondly, I’m sure that the post I write will not work for your links.

So then one day I decided to tell the Burger King order taker that my ass was big enough and I appreciated their offer of pie, but if I was going to have pie (insert link for at home health care here) it sure as hell was not going to be drive through pie.

This was my reply to them because I thought for sure it was spam.

Dear company X
I have no idea what this email means.
Those examples were not only not helpful, but not very good.
Which much mean that I’m not very good.
At least I know where I stand, thanks.


But then I heard back from them after I sent that. Oh. That was REAL?!
I’m pretty sure I just passed up an opportunity for money. I think. I might still be confused.

Then there was another offer for a totally legitimate company. I’ve even heard of this company. Heck, I have their phone app. How cool is that?

Then they sent me this “agreement contract” and honestly? It has 20 paragraphs. Twenty. I tried to read it. I did. Then there were words like “code” and “graphics” and I clicked out. If it was sent to me 140 at a time, I could deal. For now it just sits there in my inbox. Like little $$’s just staring at me.

I really admire how some bloggers are so put together with their side bar sponsors, “paid” posts and links, and whatever else I just don’t understand. Some of them even have pay pal accounts set up for their blogs. They’re like Blogging CEO’s.

Then there’s me.


My blog should just fire me now.

(I added my new PR info on a tab up top, surely the offers will come rolling in to sit in my inbox)