Just MOVE Already!

I have next door neighbors who are obviously so unhappy with their home that they’ve decided to start over.  Not start over by moving mind you, start over by redoing every molecule in their house.  About two point five years ago is when this madness started.  Don’t get me wrong, in the beginning, I was thrilled.

You see every time we had a storm I had to do a perimeter walk and pick out all their shingles from my yard.  When finally the roofers showed up I wanted these shingles to stay on so I made them cookies and served them lemonade.  But wait, they sort of picked an odd color for that roof….

This leads me to the brick work.  They decided to brick the front of their house.  Ok, that brick looks nice.  But only doing the front in brick seems odd because now it doesn’t match the wood on their house…..

So why not cover it in siding.  I mean they might as well right?

So far we’ve got a:

Roof = Nail, nail, nail, nail, nail

Brick = quiet, cut, cut, cut, quiet, cut, cut

Siding= Bang, bang, bang

I didn’t even mention ALL the windows being replaced so make whatever sound you want for those.

Let’s stand back and take a look.  NICE.   But now the yard sure could use some sprucing up.  Bring in the equipment.  While we’re at it why don’t we do the following:

Rip up the driveway, sidewalk and front step area.

Dig up all front landscaping which includes taking down a tree.

Why stop there?

Those grass blades don’t blow in the right direction so let’s rip them out.            ALL OUT.

Let’s Brick the driveway and walk and get all new plantings including sodding the front.

Phew.  Now that that’s done let’s have a glass of wine to celebrate or…..

NOT because surely the driveway now needs a brick walkway to go to the backyard where it can’t possibly meet up with a cement patio so that must be ripped out too.  Oh, and now that we’ve got this brick patio we can’t possibly look at the backyard landscaping so that must come out too.

Truly all the work, noise, machinery, trucks, deliveries, workers had to be taking a toll on them because I was sick of it.   But not sick enough because then they moved inside to do:

Kitchen, ALL bathrooms, wood flooring, closet organizers and doors.   Most of this action happened on the driveway outside my kitchen window.  There was more noise, machinery, trucks, deliveries, workers and just general chaos going on everyday from morning to night.

There’s nothing more to be done.  Really.

Until last week when a window was delivered.

Not the same kind as the rest of the new ones.

Where the hell is that going?


Can I get an MLS listing for this house from someone please?