So that’s why I feel like crap…

I’m not a sickly person.  I catch about 2 colds a year and about every 3rd or 4th one will require me going to the Dr. because it turns into a sinus infection.

It’s so predictable, it’s silly.My kids aren’t sick that much either.  My older son has only been on antibiotics once in 10 years.

A few weeks ago my younger son caught a wicked virus.  It was sort of uncharted territory for me.  I’m not used to a kid having a fever for 4 days.   His turned into a sinus/ear mess and soon enough it cycled through my husband and then finally me.  Braden missed it once again.

That kid.

Anyways, I took that virus to the water park over spring break and by the time I got back I was a full blown ear infection mess.  I hadn’t had an ear infection like that since I was a child, and at that time I had tubes put in my ears.

Then in a moment of pain and desperation, I put coconut oil in my ear.  I explained later to the nurse that Pinterest is very convincing and that I was also told to put olive oil in my ear as well but since I wasn’t trying to build a salad, I stayed with one oil.


coconut oil


(Disclaimer: I’m not a Dr. I don’t even play one on the internet unless you count googling all the medical conditions that I have or will have at some point so don’t be putting stuff in your ear.)

I leave the Dr. with my antibiotics, stock up on 50% off Easter candy while I’m at the pharmacist and go on my way.


A few days pass and I walk past this mirror in my kitchen.  The way the light is coming in shadows this bump on the front of my throat.

What. Is. That.

I touch it and when I do I realize that it’s my thyroid gland that is now swollen out of my collar bones.

That’s not normal and it’s totally ruining my neckline for a scoop neck dress.

I call the Dr and make an appointment for the next day.


Until then, I play Dr. google because who doesn’t do that?

I am not jumping to any conclusions about anything I’ve read but there are a lot of dots that sure add up for myself.

I found a picture of myself from last summer and sure enough, it was swollen there too.

How long have I had this?  I don’t know but I do know that it’s a common  issue for women and it is treatable.

Something I haven’t discussed before and unless you really stalk me, you wouldn’t know that about a year ago I realized I have a high sensitivity to gluten.  It turns out there is a link with gluten sensitivity and thyroid issues.

And that?  I did not know.

Now I have blood tests, food allergy tests, celiac panel  tests, and a thyroid ultrasound that need to be done to determine what exactly is going on and how to treat it.

I write this because Thyroid issues are often overlooked by women.  Many of the symptoms are that of just being a busy mom.

I know that it’s not something I even realized without seeing it stick out of my throat, and I have a family history of it.

So if you’re a woman between 30 and 50, have had children, please read the symptoms.

If you have many of them, don’t discount them with “I’m a mom, of course I have these things”  like I have been doing.

It may be more.

And as an added bonus?  Once I’m treated I’m totally going to drop those last 20 lbs that came out of  nowhere right?!