Nobody wants to see a Headless Rabbit

Dear whoever left me a decapitated rabbit this morning to pick up,

What’s your problem?  I mean I did request that something come and take care of the rabbit situation for me.  I’m glad you found your way.  You even found the nest that I knew was in the front yard.  You see as much as I don’t want the rabbits in my yard; I am not going to do anything beyond my comfort zone.  That’s for you.  So what happened this morning?  Did you find many other nests around that you decided to eat the contents of?  I guess that’s great because less rabbits in the neighborhood eventually leads to less rabbits.  But what happened when you got to mine?  Did you just wanted to play?  Were you full?  I just think it’s a bit rude to dig up a nest of baby rabbits and just eat the head off one and then leave.   If you can’t finish your plate then you shouldn’t go back for seconds, or thirds, or whatever number you were on.  I know this may seem harsh and I really do want you to come back soon.  Just on an empty stomach ok?


Yard of Delicious Rabbits

I will not shoot the fluffs. Or will I?

I love garden magazines.  You know the ones that cost $8.99 at the checkout and make your eyes tear up at the perfectly arranged pots and plants?  Yes, those.  A few years back I came across an article about Monarch butterflies.  Love them.  The article went on to talk about the urban sprawl and their primary source of larva food (milkweed) being destroyed and becoming less abundant.  The solution was to build a “Monarch Waystation” in your yard.  Ok, I will.

Over the last few years I have collected the plants needed to create this garden and have it in the perfect location.  Every year I would look and would not see any caterpillars.  This made me sad that I wasn’t helping but I figured my garden was young so maybe next year.  Then the green monster reared its head.

Last year I went to a meeting at a house.  I walked to the back and out her back doors was THE MOST beautiful garden I have every seen at a private residence.  It was amazing.  She had done it herself so I was very impressed as I know how much work it takes to maintain even the garden I have.  Even her vegetable garden was straight out of the Martha Stewart magazine with raised beds with perfect pathways and a nice fencing that went all around.   Ok, fine.  That’s all nice.  Then I looked on her kitchen counter and I saw a butterfly kit.  You know the ones you can get that most people think are Monarch butterfly kits but most likely you got Painted Ladies.  Oh, you think you got Monarchs?  Unlikely.   Ok, where was I …. So I thought “Look how cute she has one of those painted lady kits.”  Then she said “Oh, and look at my MONARCH CATERPILLARS that I got from my garden yesterday.  Wait, WHAT?  It’s like March and didn’t I just shovel my driveway yesterday?  How can this be?  I left defeated, deflated, and down right green with envy.

I then went home to cry research what the French marigolds is going on out there in my garden.

Then it happened. Eggs.  Caterpillars.  Butterflies.

This year I read this story so I have been extra vigilant about my gardening efforts.  I went and purchased 3 more milkweeds which give me a total of 9 plants.  Nine plants to let Monarchs lay their eggs and add to the magic of life.  Except this year I have cotton tails ruining my vision.  This year the humping rabbits have spawned the dumbest crop ever.  These little dumb fluffs are munching on things that they have not touched in the past.  Most importantly my milkweed.  Hey fluff butts! Eat the hosta, go for the phlox but leave my milkweed alone will ya?  No, no we won’t they said.   I offered them coyote urine.  It rained.  I then gave them some ground up cousins to think about.  Again rain.  I asked my friends on twitter if I gave them a BB gun if I could claim self defense but I was sort of told that wasn’t very “Martha.”  Fine.

Fences and netting it is.  For now.