Cocks and Pots- The Recipe.

If you haven’t read about my Crock Pot controversy, then go here.
If you don’t read it then this won’t make ANY sense. Even if you do read it, this might not make sense. Actually, I’m not going to guarantee any thing gets understood.

have organized a “Crock Pot Blog Hop” linky party.

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share my own Crock Pot Recipe.

Cocks And Pots

1 plate of Cocks. (The spicier the better but use whatever you are comfortable with.)
2 pounds of Pots (I prefer Not to use the flesh colored ones. They just disturb me.)
2 Cups of Tequila
Pinch of Hot Pepper

Combine first 4 ingredients into Crock Pot
Set on High for 5 hours
When you open the lid it should look like this:

You may feel the need to eat this in your bedroom.

I won’t judge.


I know I did.

If you’re interested in more bland and possibly less useful Crock Pot recipes then go