Twitter BFF for a Day Contest.

Today I decided to wear @smonkyou’s shirt he gave me, Mandy, Mae, and Morgan at Blogher. I’ve had people ask about it and I say it’s my friends website because the truth? Is just too odd for the people who shop at Jewel grocery store.

I then decided that for the rest of the day I would only tweet to @smonkyou. I’m odd. I get it. THEN a few people mentioned that they might want to have been the person who I tweet to all day. Surely they must also have ADD because who would actually want that right?

So then I came up with this contest idea. Enter to win me be your Twitter BFF for the day.

What do you win exactly?

I will only tweet to you all day. Also? I will read all your tweets that day and reply.

Now if you don’t like me and my tweets, Don’t enter.

Enter by leaving a comment. I’ll use one of those randomizer things to choose a number of the commenter to win. Or something like that. I don’t know. I’ve never done it before but I was able to log into my wordpress so I’m guessing I can figure that out too.

Bonus: If I get more than 5 people to enter, I will drink coffee on your Twitter BFF day. That always makes things interesting.

Happy Tweeting.