Halloween 2015

I’m >thisclose< to being set up for Halloween. This year I decided to stray away from building things with motors since the last few years weather has kept them inside.

Instead, I decided to build a few things like this spider-man-thing. I don’t even know either.  Those hands are made out of glue sticks that I cut up and then attached to wire. The body is mostly pvc except a few skeleton parts I used for ribs and hips.


I had purchased the 2 smaller faceless ghosts but built the big middle one.

I love the way it turned out even if it was a a pain to work

with all that cheese cloth to make it look good.


I had that rat-man head for a few years.

This year I made it a body and he’s having a rat roast.

rat man

I lit the house with green this year and all the inside windows glow purple.



It’s really too bad I don’t keep this up year round.

Ok, I actually did keep those zombie hands up from last year


I have more to show but not now because I’m about to open my 3rd bag of candy corn.


Halloween, the daytime

One of the challenges of setting up for Halloween is having the display look good during the day and night.  I try to make all the elements come together at night for a creepy display but then some things are lost when I try to take a picture of them.

So here is how some of the display looks during the day.

Dolls in the graveyard

Ebola Skeletons

Grumpy Granny


Entrance to sidewalk

Ma Legg

The most comprehensive place to see photos of my display can be found on the Halloween forum, not my blog. I also have a few video’s on my Pinterest page.