The Pandemic Pantry

Watching the world in February made me think “We need some cereal.”

I went grocery shopping to start stocking up on dry goods so much so that my teen boys thought they had just won a Kellogg lottery. 

As we were unpacking from The Dry Goods Shopping Olympics, Tegan noticed one large bottle of Gatorade.

“Who is this for?”

Me: It’s for whoever gets the corona

Him: “Sign me up for that trip to Wuuuuhannnn!”

Jokes aside, this anti social family has been training for this for years. 

I have Twitter (and lol this blog?) and about 2 years of house projects I’m behind on, one of those being house numbers to put on the mailbox so delivery people can stop circling the cul-de-sac looking for the idiot who doesn’t have house numbers. 

About a month ago I even bought flower seeds to grow. I fu*king love a month ago Jen. 

Scott has a POV

Tegan has Xbox

Braden has Discord

That’s not to say we won’t have moments of chaos during our Cereal Quarantine.

Just when I was feeling smug about my pantry bursting with goods, I hear the distinct sound of a box hitting the floor with a swoosh of small items scattering about. 


Tegan from downstairs “Don’t worry, it was just Dad’s Fiber One.”

Like I said, we’re good here. Except for one of us who might have to find an alternate for his fiber needs.


Listen, if you’re judging my cereal choices then I’m probably judging you for your Wheaties.

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