One moment in a lifetime.

One kid is ranting around the house having to do math homework that is seemingly “useless” in life since we all live with portable calculators by our sides. On one hand, I feel sympathy for him and understand his views. The other hand says “just do your homework, please. We’ve all had to learn how to add decimals at one point.”  

After some stomps and sighs, he ends up in our room with a more interesting (to him) topic, Spanish. Although I attempted to leer him away from foreign language in Jr High, it is now my favorite new tradition we’ve started, the nightly going over his new vocabulary. His father and I have a long history with Spanish. We met in Spanish class. He asked me on our first date in Spanish class. We became fluent in the language and traveled the Mexican inner countryside climbing Mayan ruins together. And now our son is learning the language and culture we have adored for so long.

He starts right up with a new phrase “Como se dice en Espanol…..”

Another burst into our room “Hey, can you look at this to see if I’m reading this right?” our older son says walking in with a paper and notebook. Even though my husband graduated with an English degree from a very prestigious school, I’ve become the go to for all things English. 

“Le…van…tate….porfavor” I hear next to me with breaks in words that makes it a little harder to translate.  Husband asks him to spell it and then says “stand up please.”

I read the article that older son brought me and after 2 paragraphs I declare that it’s terribly written. “RIGHT? That’s what I was thinking!” he says. 

He says it’s a pre-assessment and I ask him if the assessment is to actually determine if he can figure out it’s a garbage article in 2 paragraphs or not. 

I continue reading the article.

“Sie n ta te……” 

I finish the pre assessment discussion and the next door Spanish session ends around the same time. Younger son then asks older son if he remembers learning about (insert some culture here) in 7th grade social science. They share a passion for history and social science. It’s just about the only thing they share in interests. 

Older son says he can’t recall but they sound like communists. Laughter fills the room. 

I take in both our kids coming to us for guidance, the support my husband I willingly give them, the love, laughter and mutual respect they have for each other.

The moment hits me and I know I will hold it for many years to come. 

Time Paused.

I let all the emotions live individually and at the same time. 

You often hear “enjoy those moments” before your kids grow up which often feels like a threat to a parent who just survived the summer 24/7 with their children…..but for that moment in time, I really did. I took that moment in so hard and saw our life and family for what it has become. Incredible.

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  1. It definitely gets harder to write ABOUT them as they get older. But I wanted to remember this so yes, I\’m glad I decided to string some ole words together.

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