The Education Pressure Cooker- Stop the Insanity

There’s a buzz around our community about the pressures that students in our community are under.

There is some illusion that only the most “well rounded”  4.something gpa holding, captain of varsity sports and spends summers in southern Uganda curing ebola gets to choose the college they want to attend.

This same line of thinking leads to kids as young as 8 studying for standardized tests.

Parents enroll their children in additional Saturday schools, enrichment programs, and curriculum specific tutoring.

They are disappointed in a C. They are most happy with A’s.

They repeat stories of “Their child needs to live up to their potential and that if their kids just worked harder, they too could get better grades”

That sounds like “No winning or pleasing that parent 101” to me.


Better grades = better test scores = better college = better life?

What expense are you willing to pay for that result?

Are you willing to put your kid’s passions aside so they can become the best version of what you want them to be?

It’s time to look hard in that parenting mirror and make some choices.

Decide to truly support your children in both their strengths and weaknesses, passions and dislikes or decide to continue the rat race to push your children towards society generated definitions of success.

The irony is that we live in an area of highly successful, hard working, and really stressed out adults.

We know better. It’s time to do better for our children.

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