Spackling, Sanding, and Painting OH MY!

Last year Sherwin Williams saw some stuff I did and said “Hey, we like your stuff, have any more projects coming up?”

Duh. So they sent me some gift cards to buy paint for my next project.

Now, I finished my sons room and have gift cards left over ($75) so I’m giving them away. Maybe you have a themed room you want to do. Just leave a comment to be entered. :)


We know how I like to do a themed room right?

I knew my younger son’s theme was going to be sports so I had put a few items on his Xmas list last year knowing that we were going to redo his room over school break.

Ha. hahahahahaha.

Then we all got sick.

THEN I thought I’d have it done by spring break.

FYI- I am the worst at time management ever.

In my defense, I’ve been sanding for approximately 3 months.

Why you ask? Because his last room had a chair rail that now didn’t fit into my design. (I just used the word “design” like I have some sort of method. I’m adorable)

So I took off the chair rail and WHOBOY did that make a mess.


Honestly, at this point I was already to put the house up for sale.

“House for Sale: Comes with 1000  feet of sandpaper”

Once I had the wall ready for paint, I took one look at that black chalkboard paint and cried. Not really, but honestly I just didn’t feel like priming the black.

I ignored the nagging primer voice and headed to the paint store.

I have used Sherwin Williams paint for years and I always use the Super Paint line. Why? I find that it’s not too thick when I free hand and that is important to me. I told the man who worked there my black wall issue and he suggested the Emerald line. Since they had sent me gift cards, it felt like a no brainer. It’s more expensive than what I normally spend on Super Paint but it was on sale. In the end it wasn’t that much more, and I still didn’t feel like priming or buying primer either for that matter.

I don’t even have to tell you how the Emerald paint went down. Look for yourself.


Photo is unedited if you couldn’t tell because junk all over the floor.

This is ONE COAT of paint. No priming. Now, I didn’t expect it to cover in 1 coat but I can tell you it did cover completely in two coats. NO PRIMER. Over black. Color me Misty.

That’s the color by the way. Misty 6232

I picked a pretty neutral background because we were going bold. Sports Bold.


Room 7 (1 of 1)

Room 3 (1 of 1)


Room 1 (1 of 1)

Room 2 (1 of 1)

Note his roller blind.

I put the City of Chicago skyline on it and it’s my favorite thing about his room.

Room 4 (1 of 1)

Close up of window blind.

Room 5 (1 of 1)

OF COURSE I had to make it glow at night.


Sherwin Williams sent me gift cards to buy paint. They didn’t tell me what to do because we know that I’m not very flexible. They also didn’t even ask me to write about them but I was going to anyways so these are my own words and opinions. I’m giving the gift cards away on my own because I like to paint and want to help you paint too. I chose the Emerald paint as a trial and absolutely see a difference so I liked it on my own but you can get whatever you want. Paint On Friends.


28 thoughts on “Spackling, Sanding, and Painting OH MY!

  1. This looks amazing! We just moved and my 5 year old wants the death star painted in his wall…mama’s gonna need a lot of paint for that project!

  2. THE BLINDS!!! Why didn’t *I* think of that? Well, that’s OK, I’ll just ‘borrow’ that idea from you when I finally stop procrastinating and do something about both kids rooms. LOVE the sports theme – of course I’ll have to do something with trains and cars for Little Dude – Princess Nagger is more of a mystery since she’s just entered into that teen angst mode. But then again, she’s a big Halloween nerd like you are, so I could always pick your brain on what to do. Not in a zombie sort of way, of course. I don’t think. ;)

    What I mean to say is GENIUS!! The whole room is pure genius!!! :)

    • Thank you my friend. Doing a project like this really puts it into perspective how crazy those HGTV people must be. Hand me a margarita.

  3. Absolute amazeballs, of course. Good to know that SW’s Emerald paint should cover the gagoreous Oh Sh!t brown walls of kids bathroom.

    • I think especially if you\’re in a situation where you would traditionally have to prime, yes. For sure. One worry I had was that it was going to be too thick. But it wasn\’t. MAYBE slightly thicker but barely noticeable. I was still able to edge free handed with no problem.

  4. The room looks great! And I’m seriously going to have to try that paint the next time I have a paint project! Love the room! I may need to hire you one day!

    • Yes. I\’m telling you that picture is ONE coat and the final with the players is two coats. If you look at the top I could have got away with 1 coat. I also use good (Purdy) rollers but still, the only thing I changed was the paint upgrade. Very happy.

  5. This looks phenomenal. And of course I’m going to have to get a closer look at that roller blind so I’ll be over in three weeks.

    That paint though.

    Well done, my adorable friend!

    • I thought of you the WHOLE TIME I was doing that skyline. I kept thinking \”I bet Melisa actually knows these buildings\” I knew like 2. Plus the bean.

  6. Love it!! Did you post it to Pinterest as well? Oh and Houzz? Because – did you really even do it if it’s not on ten social media sites? ADORE the glow at night skyline. You need to be doing more posts like this – girl you are talented! I’m moving into a century home in less than a month – gonna send you some pics for help!

    • I put it on twitter? And facebook? And, uh…..laziest blogger ever over here. <3 Thank you. I’d love to help you pick paint. Just as long as there’s no sanding.

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