Dear Parents of Teenagers

Dear Fellow Parents of Teenagers,

I’ve recently joined your club having just departed the preteen crazy train.

What. Was. That by the way?

I understand the crazy train is about to turn into the demon rollercoaster ride for the next handful of years.

But I’m ready.

I’m ready for the highs and lows. The emotions and turmoil.

Even the moments that make my head fall off my shoulders and roll into the gutter with disbelief or misunderstanding.

I’m ready for the socially awkward moments.

I’m ready for possible crushes and heartbreaks.

I’m ready for the trouble that these years might bring.

I’m also ready for new conversations with other parents and their hardships too.

You see, I’m strengthening my village right now. This is the only way that this is going to work for all of us.


So I want to promise you a few things.

I promise to adore and care for your children. I promise to redirect them when needed. I promise to not back down from those awkward conversations I might have to bring up with you.

I hope you will do the same for me. Please. I need you too.

Our kids are good. They are our future. Just think of the future they can all have with us working together to ensure their safety, care, and growth.

I’m here for you. I hope you’re also here for me.


A New Teenager Parent.

3 thoughts on “Dear Parents of Teenagers

  1. Welcome aboard! My experience has been that the teenage crazy train runs a bit smoother than the preteen crazy train. Either way, one helluva ride.

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