Wrap gifts like you’re Insane. Or like me.

I often think of how I’m going to wrap a gift before I even buy it.

Backwards? Maybe.

I remember wrapping my gifts as a kid in newspaper just so they could be different than what was already under the tree.

I’ve been known to take up to a month to cast plaster molds and then hand paint the pieces to be placed on the gift box wrapping. Insane? Come along.

Kids in my life are getting older and starting to manage their own money for things they want. While I don’t mind giving cash as a gift, wrapping it becomes a challenge…THAT I WILL ACCEPT.

Last year I gave cash as a tree farm.

tree farm

I made paper boxes and then glued on those paper trees. There was $1 in each box which is much more fun, for me, to give knowing they have to open 25 boxes to get them.

The lights going across the top is one of those light up necklaces because OF COURSE I NEEDED LIGHTS THAT TURNED ON.

Sorry. I just get a little passionate about my presentation.

Gift cards can also pose a challenge. For some.


I don’t wrap every gift in this manner because I have to do other things like eat and breath air but I do love to challenge myself to come up with different ways to give the most mundane gifts.

If you’re looking for others ways to give cash, I came across this post that I think has some clever ways too.




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