I Read A Book

Writing online for over 6 years has put me in contact with many writers.

Actual writers who write books.

This week my son corrected my grammar so I’m not entirely sure how I got myself in with this group.


My ongoing joke is that I don’t read. It’s only partly true. I read books voraciously as a child and as an adult I read fewer actual books but constantly consume a large amount of content daily.

When my friend asked me to read her book, I immediately checked off “Read a book in 2015.”

The book I read is called Fightball: Dying of Suck.  It is a humor book that shows the dynamics of a quick witted family with smart as hell daughters who go from homeschooling to mainstream education, from living in California to Oregon.

Fightball-Kindle-Cover (1)

It is told from the perspective of Kris, the author, who is one of the quickest witted people that I have ever had conversations with. To correspond with her you need to be dressed in your A game with perfectly amended accessories of wit and sarcasm.  Her vocabulary? High level. She has no problems dropping words in her work that make you swoon while googling the meanings.

The plot circles around their 2 daughters, Maj and Kallan, who are either leaning on each other for support or killing each other with wicked smart come backs that dance on the pages resulting in a fightball orchestra of words. The stories that come from adjusting to their new reality are portrayed in a hilarious manner that makes you laugh and want to send Kris a beer (she accepts Paypal).

As I read the book, I wished I was there to watch the stories unfold. Her daughters dramatic over-excitabilities coupled with their mother’s uncanny ability to address situations with calculated dialog makes you pause and bust out laughing.

“The other day, Mom? I saw this woman while we were at Target. She had two little girls and a cart filled with stuff. I watched her, and she just kept holding things up and asking if her daughters liked stuff, and then she would throw the things in the cart. Anything her daughters brought her, she just kept letting them throw stuff in the cart.”


“This woman sounds brain damaged.”

So if you’re a book reader, I hope you put this on your list.

It’s funny. I laughed and I’m not a laugh-er.

You won’t be disappointed and if you are, you might need to google those words.

Kris is giving away 3 copies of her book. Just leave a comment to enter. 


If you’re not into reading books you also can find her on her blog where she has some fantastic stories as well.

Buy or download the book!

I wrote this as a favor to my friend and not because she paid me or anything. If she did, she would require edits as I would need to up my vocab game. 






32 thoughts on “I Read A Book

  1. I love Kris & her book is on my Christmas wish list, but if I win it, I’m totally buying her a beer. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  3. Kris, you’re not going to make any money if you keep giving them away!

    It’s a FABTASTIC book, make us shell out the big bucks.

    (Seriously, it’s awesome. If you haven’t read it yet, please do.)

  4. I’m just here for support! I have the kindle version. But if I were to win a SIGNED. copy, I wouldn’t complain. Not at all.

  5. I have been dying of suck over here since the time change….. My 5 year old used to wake up between 5-6 am because he’s an alien and now, sigh. 4:22 today. I could use some more laughter ;). So excited about this book, pretty all true is my favorite blog!

    • I remember the alien times with Kallan (not so much with Maj). Kallan used to get up at 4:00 am and make us weird breakfasts of cheese and hot chocolate and dry cereal. I miss the girl she was then, but I do not miss those breakfasts. Hee hee.

      Thank you for popping over to comment! I hope you win!

  6. I have been reading Kris’ blog for years… I used to comment quite a bit but have fallen silent lately. Life does that sometimes.

    She is full of awesome and crazy. So proud of her.

    Fingers crossed that I win a copy of her book! ;)

  7. It is fun, Kit. I loved it. And I’d leave a real comment if I weren’t too busy going back to make sure the typo is only in your quote not the actual book. I’ll be horrified if I missed it in the actual book, but also justified since I was probably laughing too hard to focus. Clearly. Ahem.

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