If I worked at Starbucks…

If you’re not on the internet as much as I am you might not have heard about the most recent Starbucks controversy.

They took “Merry Christmas” off their famous holiday cups and certain special snowflake Christian people are in an UPROAR over it.

They’re even starting a movement to try and get “Merry Christmas” back on the cups by ordering their coffee and giving their “NameASMerry Christmas.”

These people are the exact people who don’t deserve to wake up as far as I’m concerned.

I started thinking about it and had the thought “What if I worked at Starbucks and someone gave me their name as “Merry Christmas.”

How would I respond?





you too

nice try




I’m ready for hire, Starbucks.

Even if my 1st day becomes my last.






4 thoughts on “If I worked at Starbucks…

  1. 4 people made a big deal about the cups. Everyone else, including the vast majority of Christians, thinks those 4 people are dumb. At this point, all the outrage and anger is against the 4 people and wrongly blaming all Christians. Just stop.

  2. LOL! They have a Christmas blend coffee. Is that gone too? I guess it can be the December Blend. Or the Winter Solstice Blend.

    Though really? It is such a commercial holiday now, I’m not sure why the Christians aremaking such a big deal.

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