Top 10 ways you’re doing school drop off wrong

What is it about the drop off/pick up line at schools that makes for the worst parking lot experience next to a Trader Joe’s? Our district sends out emails, maps, phone calls, follow up emails, and more maps and people still get it wrong. We’re almost a month into school and I just can’t stay quiet anymore.

Is it you?

1)  You turn left into the parking lot when there is a sign that says “No Left Turn.”  It’s called the Kindergarten Word Wall. Check it out.

2) You decide that the crosswalks are just a suggestion. No really, cross wherever works for you. We can all stop and wait for you and princess and the pea.

3) You park in the pull through line. Like, you legit put your SUV into P as others dropping off their kid have to pull around you day after day after day at almost a month into school. Yeah, I honked at you today.

4) You wait in pull through lane until your child walks to their door 75 feet away. Cut-The-Cord.  ::hands over scissors::

5) You open your child’s door every day for them to get out of the car and they’re 10. Just stop.

6) You speed through the school zone. No, really, your time is the MOST important of all so please forgive the rest of us and our same 24 allotted hours.

7) You don’t give children the right of way. This is so dangerous that I hope your car gets keyed by their bike pedals and it ends up magically spelling “yoou’re a jeeerrrk”

8) You ignore people directing school zone traffic. Do you really think those volunteers wear fluorescent yellow because it’s a great fall neutral? No. If they tell you to move, go, stop, turn, rollerskate. Do it.

9) You park in a no parking zone. Don’t worry. No one is telling the police to ticket you. Probably.

10)   You pull up unshowered, no bra on, mascara running down your face, open the door and let your wrinkled kids fall out into their merry way as you immediately drive off sipping your morning café. Oh wait. This is me.

**Bonus 11) You TEXT in a school drop off zone. Don’t deny it. I took a picture of you while I was parked.


Update: Not on my watch.

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 ways you’re doing school drop off wrong

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    • It’s going *fairly* well. I would say that people are pulling up more than they were before but there are still quite a few people who just pull and drop at their leisure. If there are no cars behind them, I’m ok with it but then it makes a habit so when there are cars backing up it can be an issue.

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  6. And THIS is one of the many reasons I’m so happy being an urban NYC mom. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you’re talking about. We walk or take the bus or scooter to school. Maybe grab a cab if it’s raining & there’s a delicate art project that needs protecting. But also when I was growing up in the suburbs (many, MANY years ago)? Nobody drove their kids to school. And I mean NOBODY (again, maybe with art project & inclement weather). I walked to school – or took the bus when my school was over a mile & a half away – every day for 12 years. I think I occasionally rode my bicycle to high school, because it was a 20-25 minute walk and sometimes I was running late. I know these are different times (like I walked alone to school from 3rd grade on, which would have gotten my parents arrested if it was today) but do schools no longer send busses and do suburban kids no longer walk anywhere? OK, crotchety old lady rant over.

    • haha! We live in a walking school zone for sure. I think that maybe the boundaries to qualify for a bus has changed? For us to qualify for a bus you need to live 1.5 miles or more away OR have to cross a VERY busy road. For me, I drop them off so I KNOW they are there but let them walk home. In winter weather, most people drive and it gets even worse. #CantWait


    Sorry for the shouting. This drives me crazy.

  8. OMG you must be hanging out in my kids’ pickup/drop-off line! The hubby and I have been bitching up a storm about the ignorance of people. Especially when yesterday, on the first day of school, three morons cut ahead of us in line when we were following the rules and leaving the handicap spaces unblocked. It’s like “Hello?! Are we invisible in our bright red car?!”

    And then there’s the other idiot who not only cut in line in front of someone else when the line finally started moving, but they GOT OUT OF THE VEHICLE AND LEFT IT PARKED in the pick-up line as they went into the school to fetch their minion, making everyone in the pick-up line take their lives in their own hands as they tried to maneuver around the parked car without ramming into the speedsters driving past in the unofficial ‘through’ line.

    I think some people leave their brains at home when they head off to the drop-off/pickup line. I really really miss the bus days when I didn’t have to deal with that damn line.

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