Service Still Lives!

One of my 1st “real” jobs in life was a plate server at Sizzler.

Man, did I just date myself there. #CheeseToastForLife

Anyways, I was in high school and working there gave me enough dollar billz for days to afford car insurance and other teenage needs. I continued to work food server jobs through college and ultimately retired from the tip life at the point where I became a sahm. It’s not glamorous work, but the flexibility wins the day for that job.

Really, food serving is a lot like being a parent, you’re always dealing with hungry whiny people.

Being a former food server, trainer, traveling store opener often gives me “Server Eye.”

If you’ve ever worked in the food industry, you understand that going into a restaurant puts you in a position to judge on a different level. Sitting and enjoying the experience is now for amateurs.

Why didn’t the server notice I needed another drink?
Why didn’t the server bring me more napkins?
The kitchen must be backed up.
Our server is in the weeds.
What is the wait now, 40 min? They have open tables; they must be under staffed today.

After 12 years, these observations have softened some for me. But one thing is clear, I know when I get poor service, I also know when I receive excellent service.

I write this because I had the best service I have ever had in 12 years.

Her name is Shawna and she works at the Bolingbrook, IL Chili’s  (former Chili’s employee here ::fist bumps::)

She was friendly without being obnoxious. She made eye contact with my kid and talked to him like he existed. She didn’t hesitate with my food allergies, got refills when needed and just when I was thinking I could use a to-go box, she walked up with it.

As a former professional food server, she was amazing.

So, thank you Shawna for being a kick ass food server and you keep on with your bad ass self, we’ll be back.

(Yes, I seriously just wrote a thank you to a food server on my blog. Uh….yeah….I pay the hosting and the comment site had a character limit. P.S. People at Chili’s, take notice, she’s worth it.)

P.P.S Chili’s- If I could add a suggestion to your table top payment system. I tried to check out using it and it didn’t allow me to. Apparently I was trying to tip too much for the machine’s liking. This is ridiculous. If there is a limit, then maybe when the red light comes on, it signals to a manager to go to the table to check ID or whatnot. I just wanted to tip what I wanted and then slip out. Maybe next time I can.

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  1. We just experienced similar service – Tim – our waiter at Quigley’s Downtown Naperville – could not have done a better job. He handled a party of 40 like a champ. He remembered what we were drinking, tracked us down if we moved, etc. It is a true skill. I know that I could not do it.

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