Glowing Doll Faces

Someone recently asked me where I come up with these ideas.   The short answer is that creativity rules my brain parts.

This may scare you.  Completely understandable.

I really don’t know how I came up with this idea of having a doll face gallery.  I was trying to come up with a way to include the doll makers wife into the scene and utilize this wall on the porch at the same time.

I had a heck of a time coming up with the materials I would use.  First of all, they had to be lightweight because I was going to be hanging them.  Then they also had to dry somewhat quickly and finally, they couldn’t be too expensive.

For the molds themselves, I found this Amazing putty and with a coupon, it wasn’t too expensive.  It worked perfectly.   For the faces, I used Crayola model magic.  Though it dried a little slower than I would like, being so lightweight won me over.

Doll Face Mold DIY

 I mixed equal parts of the stuff together and smooshed it onto the dolls face.

I didn’t have to wait that long before it was set and then I could just peel it off.

Oops.  The eyelashes came off on that one.  EVEN BETTER!

I then worked the Model Magic into the molds.

I checked to make sure all the features were pressed sufficiently before I let them set up.

Glowing doll faces for Halloween

They weren’t super perfect, but I was more than ok with that.

I found a bunch of ornate frames at a garage sale for .50 each.

Doll face mold in frame

Doll faces in frames


I felt I was on the right track but I knew that for nighttime I was going to have to light them somehow.

That’s right.


Glowing doll faces

And yes, this one is crying.

Face with red tears

And this is the point where everyone unsubscribes from my site.

Completely understandable.

9 thoughts on “Glowing Doll Faces

    • Sometimes when I\’m in my display I stop….look around and then laugh. I forget to the average person how out there this is. To me, it\’s just a expansion in creativity that my brain feeds from.

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