Interrupting Halloween for a moment

Our wedding photographer was terrible even though we had 5 referrals to use them.

It’s unfortunate because I hardly ever even want to look at them and until this year, it had been many years since I had looked at them.

I did find this one and feel it still fits us today.

wedding Anniversary



The number sixteen doesn’t have the same ring as 10, 15, 20….but it matters just the same.

And we totally are going to pick out our cards together later.

10 thoughts on “Interrupting Halloween for a moment

  1. Nothing says Happy Anniversary like bonus rewards points on Miralax!

    Kidding. Hope it was a good one. And my pics sucked. Mostly because it was 2003 and they didn’t have all the cool picture techniques there are today.

  2. I love that picture. You two are an awesome couple. Happy anniversary! (and sneak down the candy aisle to buy him a chocolate bar or something while you’re there!)

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