4th Annual Tombstone Contest

First let me say FOUR YEARS??

You have got to be kidding me.

It’s time once again for your words to show up in my yard.   Tombstone style.

This is one of my favorite things I do on this site.  I love the creativity that comes up every year and let’s be honest, I need some help.

Here are the past winners: 

I'm Deadedit

2010 Epitaph Contest

2010 Winner:  @Smonkyou

2011 Epitaph Contest 

2011 Winner:  @moooooog35

Ma Legg

2012 Epitaph Contest

2012 Winner@Melisalw










Let’s have this as your inspiration.
Good luck sleeping.


Winner will be announced in a post with a picture of completed tombstone.

This tombstone is then displayed in my yard for this season and beyond.


There are a few rules:

1) Nothing evil/religious based

2) No profanity


Just leave a comment with your epitaph and I will chose the winner (s).

Sometimes I make more than one if it’s really close and love it.

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