Egyptian Math gone Wrong

It’s not often that my son brings home a book from school in which he needs to do homework from.  I’m not entirely sure why but I don’t ask questions.   Especially when it comes to math books.  I’d rather those just stay at school because they’re scary and I possibly have flash backs of me never doing math homework and then scrambling to finish it before class in the hallway on the way to math class when I see one.


This morning he pulled out a math book from his backpack and before I could even have a flash of fear he flipped to some random page and went on and on how the picture had it all wrong.

Nothing he said had to do with math.

I then asked him to write it all down for me because it was still early and I was only one cup of coffee in.

So, welcome to my son’s brain on Saturday morning:


Egyptian Math



  1. Akhnaton was a TYRANT in Egypt, so a poor choice.
  2. They stopped making pyramids 1000 years before Akhnaton.
  3. I understand this is a math book, but they used RECTANGLES in Egypt. Why can’t this segment be about that?
  4. They would not have blue OR orange clothing, because it was WAAAY too expensive. Plus, they would wear white robes, because of the hot sun (not tunics).
  5. The Egyptians would be either bald, or with very limited hair, because they would over heat otherwise.
  6. They would have darker skin color then a light mocha.
  7. The pharaoh lived in a palace, and would not waste time in a dirty, peasant filled quarry.
  8. They would use lime stone, not THAT.
  9. They would use copper, not wood (due to the lack of trees).
  10. They did not have belts.
  11. The peasants were almost always bare footed.
  12. Simon is NOT an Egyptian name (but Ill cut them some slack, an Egyptian name is waaaaay too hard to pronounce).
  13. The pharaoh would wear a gold and black headdress, which I deduce symbolizes the sun and moon. Plus he/she would only wear it for a huge ceremonial occasion.
  14. Akhnaton had a horrible disease, which caused his chest and stomach regions to bloat, while in between it shrunk horribly.
  15. Akhnaton didn’t have a goatee, and had a MUCH more narrow head.
  16. How are there shadows? They’re in one of the darkest places in Egypt, the dim quarry!

I guess his fascination with Egypt is still alive.

::pours pot of coffee into mouth::



7 thoughts on “Egyptian Math gone Wrong

  1. I love him.

    And I do believe that if he writes all of that out and turns it in, he just might stun his teacher enough so that she’ll give him full credit without his having done any actual math.

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