Crafting with Boobs

A few weeks ago I went to a newly opened Jockey store in the suburbs.

As I walked in I immediately noticed these and said loudly

“LOOK!  It’s like Select-A-Boob!”

Select A Boob

I was sort of transfixed on these cups of various sizes and this whole new way of fitting a bra.

Especially if this new way meant I didn’t have another woman who might be, I don’t know, younger and perkier to fit me.

Fast forward to a conference I went to this past weekend where every attendee received a set of these in their bag.




Now has her own Select-A-Boob system!

We all know that most of us are A)  Wearing the wrong size bra and B) Wearing the wrong size bra because we don’t want another woman who might be younger and perkier dealing with the aftermath of having children that is our boobs.

So imagine my surprise when I saw that most of the select a boobs were being left behind!

Did they not know what they were for?

Could they already be wearing the right sized bras?

Did they just not know how handy they would come in hand for snack time?

dip and snacks


To just stick a succulent in it?

Stick a succulent in it


Maybe you have a new mom friend.

This is your chance for some real talk.

Boob Reality

Maybe that mom plans on Breastfeeding.

 “Breast is Best”

Make her a Boob Mobile!

Make her a Boob Mobile!



I actually wish I had more!  I could make little Halloween Boob Ghosts!  Or maybe a light fixture like those mason jar ones?  How about using them as my kitchen back splash…….


If you want to read what they’re really for, then read this.

Do I even have to say that this is in no way a sponsored post?  I fully expect the Jockey people to contact me to take it down at any moment…..OR ask me to do a DIY segment on their site, because obviously I’m a DIYBoobs sort of person



34 thoughts on “Crafting with Boobs

  1. This is excellent! I plan to do an art project, too, or use them in the kitchen. Those women who left them behind are missing out.

  2. So much is right about this post. I’m kind of sad I left mine behind. I really want to craft with them now.

  3. had you known then, you could have collected all the left behind boob molds for future crafting.

    on another note – i waste a lot of food. do people really eat baby carrots when they look like that? have I been wasting pounds of baby carrots because i thought they need to stay wet? i’m weird. sorry.

  4. Love this! If I needed a reason to feel bad about NOT being at the conference? Select-a-boob it is! I need those to hold my guac! Who wants to share theirs?

  5. This is Pinterest worthy. I’ll be pinning for sure! ;P And I left mine behind, I should have totally used them for after school snack distribution! Damn me!!

  6. I was not one of those women who left hers behind. After you told me how awesome Jockey bras fit, I kept those suckers. I am TOTALLY going to be measuring and ordering because you are right…when the teeny tiny 20-something measured me in VS after having Charlie…and I was still wearing panel maternity pants…i died a little inside. And I’m not sure the bras I let her talk me into were even the best for me.

    And I also now have carrot and dip bowls for when I am done measuring my bewbs. So there’s that.

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