Grill Brush Warning!

Grill Brush Warning

Last year we received news that my nephew had to be air lifted to a childrens hospital.  When you hear that your mind immeidately races through the possibilities.

The problem?

A single piece of grill brush bristle had come off during the scraping of the grill and had got stuck in his food.

He swallowed it and it became lodged in his esophogus.

I recently had a friend over and she was telling me a story about how her husband was going to eat their grilled meal and found a bristle in his burger and caught it before he took a bite.

He was lucky.

The following video is from May of this year. This information is just now starting to make headlines.


You just have to search “Grill Brush Dangers” so see surgery scars, Xrays, and more of the same type of stories.

Grilling tools are often at the top of Father’s Day gifts. Considering I have now had 2 personal stories, I felt complelled to pass it along to anyone who might read this.

Please throw out your brush. At the very least inspect your grill before you place food on it.

I’ve thrown mine out and have used a pumice type one instead. (not an affiliate link or whatever it’s called)

Safe grilling everyone!


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This happened to @MaryMac’s daughter.

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  1. There is a new bristle-free grill scraper I purchased from that is very good and you clean when the grill isn’t blazing hot!

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