So that’s why I feel like crap…

I’m not a sickly person.  I catch about 2 colds a year and about every 3rd or 4th one will require me going to the Dr. because it turns into a sinus infection.

It’s so predictable, it’s silly.My kids aren’t sick that much either.  My older son has only been on antibiotics once in 10 years.

A few weeks ago my younger son caught a wicked virus.  It was sort of uncharted territory for me.  I’m not used to a kid having a fever for 4 days.   His turned into a sinus/ear mess and soon enough it cycled through my husband and then finally me.  Braden missed it once again.

That kid.

Anyways, I took that virus to the water park over spring break and by the time I got back I was a full blown ear infection mess.  I hadn’t had an ear infection like that since I was a child, and at that time I had tubes put in my ears.

Then in a moment of pain and desperation, I put coconut oil in my ear.  I explained later to the nurse that Pinterest is very convincing and that I was also told to put olive oil in my ear as well but since I wasn’t trying to build a salad, I stayed with one oil.


coconut oil


(Disclaimer: I’m not a Dr. I don’t even play one on the internet unless you count googling all the medical conditions that I have or will have at some point so don’t be putting stuff in your ear.)

I leave the Dr. with my antibiotics, stock up on 50% off Easter candy while I’m at the pharmacist and go on my way.


A few days pass and I walk past this mirror in my kitchen.  The way the light is coming in shadows this bump on the front of my throat.

What. Is. That.

I touch it and when I do I realize that it’s my thyroid gland that is now swollen out of my collar bones.

That’s not normal and it’s totally ruining my neckline for a scoop neck dress.

I call the Dr and make an appointment for the next day.


Until then, I play Dr. google because who doesn’t do that?

I am not jumping to any conclusions about anything I’ve read but there are a lot of dots that sure add up for myself.

I found a picture of myself from last summer and sure enough, it was swollen there too.

How long have I had this?  I don’t know but I do know that it’s a common  issue for women and it is treatable.

Something I haven’t discussed before and unless you really stalk me, you wouldn’t know that about a year ago I realized I have a high sensitivity to gluten.  It turns out there is a link with gluten sensitivity and thyroid issues.

And that?  I did not know.

Now I have blood tests, food allergy tests, celiac panel  tests, and a thyroid ultrasound that need to be done to determine what exactly is going on and how to treat it.

I write this because Thyroid issues are often overlooked by women.  Many of the symptoms are that of just being a busy mom.

I know that it’s not something I even realized without seeing it stick out of my throat, and I have a family history of it.

So if you’re a woman between 30 and 50, have had children, please read the symptoms.

If you have many of them, don’t discount them with “I’m a mom, of course I have these things”  like I have been doing.

It may be more.

And as an added bonus?  Once I’m treated I’m totally going to drop those last 20 lbs that came out of  nowhere right?!











23 thoughts on “So that’s why I feel like crap…

  1. Sorry to hear about your thyroid issues. I take synthroid on a regular basis bc I’m “hypo.” Just last went I went to the Endocrinologist bc I have been gaining weight like crazy and back to feeling really tired. She is going to do a full panel as well as check my hormones bc my cycle has been abnormal.

    Good luck and let us know what happens!

  2. Maybe! Our ultrasound and nuclear imaging lab seeing record number of patients right now and many of them a lot younger than the population we saw 5 years ago!

  3. Follow up means fine needle biopsy or just monitoring?

    Be sure to get copy of your ultrasound images on CD AND report!


  4. Too many respiratory infections can trigger the inflammation of thyroid too. General swelling is not as bad as lumps in the thyroid. Tilt your head back and swallow few times in front of the camera. Then play back the recorded video and check for visible lumps or asymmetry!

  5. I had my thyroid removed 2 years ago, best damn thing I ever did. I feel so much better now that my levels are stable on medication.

    • Makes me wonder. I just turned 40 last year and I\’ve been just so exhausted and mentally dull. I just thought \”Well, I\’m 40 with 2 kids, this is what happens right?\” Maybe not.

  6. I get my thyroid checked once a year since issues run in my family too. So far nothing. So I can’t blame my weight on that (grumble grumble). Just kidding, I am glad I don’t have issues and hopefully it stays that way. I hope you get some answers soon.

  7. My little guy Auggie has been on synthroid since he was 2. An allergic reaction to penicillin kicked in his hypothyroidism (happens in only 30 % of allergic reactions) Anyway, he was always cold, wanted a 2nd nap as soon as he woke up in the morning, his hair was very dry and coarse, and his skin always looked like it had chalk dust on it. Then I saw on a Xmas card photo what looked like a tangerine in the bottom of his neck. Took him to Dr: thyroid ultrasound and scan done: along with blood work: VOILA. Boy is on meds for 9 years now: he has done GREAT.


  8. You know, I almost didn’t click on the symptoms link because I’m a busy mom and always tired. But I did read it, and you got me thinking. Maybe I should get myself checked out.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Hope you are on the road to recovery and feeling better soon. I will be looking forward to reading your post after you get the results back.

  9. I have hypothyroidism – take meds every day. Correct dosage can take a few months to get right but it is very treatable. Have to take meds on empty stomach and can’t eat for an hour after – not a big deal. And NO, I did NOT lose that extra 20 lbs once I went on the meds. Hopefully that is all it is for you. Ask Heather at karate tonight about who she sees. She is having issues too (my regular doc took care of mine but I didn’t have anything enlarge, just low numbers).

  10. Oh gosh! Definitely keep me posted!
    And I’ll help Jules w/ the cotton candy if necessary. :)

    Let me know if you need anything: I’m right over here! xo

  11. I have thyroid issues as well. My specialist has me checking my levels twice a year to make sure that everything is a-ok and not going out of control. If I notice that I’m more tired than usual or that my fingernails are splitting at the ends more than normal, I have to go back in for more bloodwork.

    I don’t have gluten issues – at least not that I know of.

    And yes, that 20 pounds is going to magically disappear. Or something like that. ;)

  12. Glad you are on top of it now. It is so easy to just blow off issues as normal and move on. We need those scanners from Star Trek that you just wave over your body and it tells you everything. Would make it so much simpler. I recently had testing that showed a dairy sensitivity. I had thought gluten was my problem as looks like I was wrong. I never would have guessed that.

    • That\’s one of the reasons I\’m doing a food allergy panel. It could be that too. Symptoms are so similar. Either way….it\’s hard to think of taking something so major out of my diet.

  13. You poured coconut oil in your ear? You are…brave? Is that the right word? I would be too chicken to do that. Glad you have a diagnosis and I hope that the treatment helps you feel much better. I hope cotton candy doesn’t affect the thyroid. If it DOES, don’t worry because I’ll eat yours for you. I’m that kind of friend.

  14. My sister had thyroid cancer and the doctor found it when she went in for some gastro issues. He asked if she was tired all the time and then felt of her throat and bam, three dr visits later, cancer diagnosis. She had her entire thyroid removed and she is now on meds for forever.

    But your issue could be way more benign than that. You hormones might just be off.

    Randomly enough, she also tested positive for strep b when she was pregnant and her kids are always sick and she is always sick. I wonder if there’s a correlation between strep b and thyroid issues?

  15. thyroid is a BITCH.

    did the coconut oil work? ;) (I use it for EVERYTHING from diaper rash to a topping for toast… from different jars.)

    hope you’re feeling better soon Jen!

  16. So are you hyperthyroid? I had radiation on my thyroid (and I had a goiter) a few years ago—and am now on medication for the rest of my life. For me, my symptoms ranged….my weight fluctuated, I was tired, dry skin, sweaty/cold, all over the place. Plus depressed. Who knew thyroid was responsible for so many things???

    I hope you get to feeling better soon and I’m glad you got this checked out!

    p.s. sorry about suggesting olive oil in your ear. I’ve done it before and it has helped take the pain away. But I am not a doctor and I feel really badly if I made the situation worse….

    • I actually don\’t know yet. All the tests I will take next week and then I have to wait for results. I\’m not overly freaked out about it since I know so many who have gone though it. Makes you wonder though. WHY so many women get this. Anyways, I probably would have put olive oil in my ear if I didn\’t put the coconut oil and honestly, it totally did help with the pain. Not sure it was going to clear the infection though since that was really in my sinus\’s causing the ear infection.

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