So I’m going to be on T.V. on Monday

You know.  NO BIG DEAL.

I’m going to be on Raising America (which is on CNN/HLN) on Monday at 11 central time.

Unless more meteors fall to destroy the earth.  Did you see that?  Crazy.

It’s going to be on the topic of gun ownership and I think you might already know where I stand.

I’m trying not to be nervous.

Thank goodness I just got my girl scout cookies delivered to me.


12 thoughts on “So I’m going to be on T.V. on Monday

  1. It’s not just fabulous that you are going to be on TV, which hello, I think we are long over-due for a Jen-Show, but it’s fabulous that you are speaking about something so important. Thank-you!

  2. SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I am so proud of you! Is that on the regular CNN channel? I am so stupid about news channels. I want to Tivo it. And no. I am not kidding.

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