I think it’s safe to say that I have a natural state of high energy.  Unless I’m napping.  Then leave me alone.  Unless you have cookies.  Then WAKE ME UP cause cookies!


I’ve drank tea for like 85 years and only switched to coffee in Jan of this year.  Up until then I would have coffee maybe once a week.

Just not my thing. And really, if you met me?  I don’t exactly need extra.

Then I decided to volunteer for ALL THE THINGS and really needed more than that cute little punch that tea gave me in the morning.

Hi, my name is Jen  and I’ve been ON THE COFFEE TRAIN for 11 months.

It’s been glorious.

Paint the shed today?  OK

BUILD a new shed today?  Hand me that saw.

This year?  I got stuff going like a champ.

But I usually stop caffeine by 11am because HELLO I LIKES THE SLEEPS TOO.

But today?  Oh.  Let’s talk about todays caffeine schedule.

8:00-11:00  Coffee caffeine it baby.

1:00  Decide to tackle the mantle let’s have some tea

1:30 This sort of sucks let’s make some more tea

2:30 Pick up kids

3:00 Go to playdate with local friends.  Did I mention they are from England?

3:04 “Would you like a spot of tea?”


3:35 “Would you like a spot of tea?”



Hell yes bitch.

(She’s quite lovely actually and who can say no to “spots of tea”  in a British accent?  NO ONE.)

6:00  Repaints neighbors fence

6:30  Decides that house over there would look really great in our extra icicle light we have

7:00  My friend Melisa calls to witness for herself what ALL THE SPOTS OF TEA HAVE DONE TO ME.

7:30 My husband says “Jen, I didn’t even understand the last 100 words you just said”

8:00  Self realize that maybe I’m just too much for anyone BUT THIS KEYBOARD.

8:25  PUBLISH.


8:29 Decide that #CaffeineJen like ALL  CAPS a little too much.  Maybe I should have vlogged this.

17 thoughts on “MAWR SPOTS OF TEA PLEASE!

  1. I just snorted my coffee through my nose. It hurt, especially since stupid winter cold cough kicked in because I was laughing that hard. Oy… I needed that!
    Just take it easy if you start feeling heart tremors, mkay?

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  3. Haa Haa that is funny…Im a coffee drinker in the morn’in and a tea teetotaler in the afternoon. You must spin circles around your husband, also if you ever run out of things to do and need a trip… come to Chicago. I have a list of “To Do’s” my husband hasn’t gotten to yet.



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