Holiday Cookie Container


I’m not a big fan of being wasteful and during the holidays, that is tough.  There are so many great ways to wrap and give baked goods that it’s hard not to be tempted to buying ALL OF IT. A few months back I was making coffee and I realized that the coffee bean tin was the perfect size for stacking cookies.  I decided to keep it along with any others used before the holidays.

Recently, I was sent a whole lot of Martha Stewart wrapping product and thought I would use it to recycle this tin as a holiday cookie container.





Coffee tin.

Trader Joes coffee bean tins are also perfect.

Wrapping paper

Ribbon for handle

Paint for lid

Glitter (optional)









1) First cut out the wrapping paper to fit onto tin.  I just laid it down and marked top and bottom.  I used spray adhesive to attach the wrapping paper to tin.

2) Cut slit in lid the width of ribbon you will use.

3) Paint lid and glitterize

4) Slide both ends of ribbon through to make a little handle.  Hot glue to inside of lid.

5) Make cookie label

6)  This is the hardest part: Fill with any cookies you didn’t manage to eat and share with a good friend.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Cookie Container

    • I would take cookies any way they came to me. Heck, you could pretend I was one of those carnival games and I just stand there while you toss them at me.

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