Happy Halloween 2012!


First up….the tombstone winner!


Thanks @Melisalw  from Suburbans scrawl!

Runner up goes to Robyn who submitted:

Pete Onawier

His death was shocking.


And finally the 2012 yard video!   Totally unedited because between the bathroom poop explosion (see previous post) and Hello?  Hallloween!  This is as good as I get. LIttle FYI, the wind in the beginning only lasts about 10 sec so if you turn down your volume, turn it back up to catch all the sound effects going on.


I really hope you enjoyed my season as much as I did.

PS For more yard still pictures check out my Instagram feed.
PPS I ate a Butterfinger for dinner.

19 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2012!

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  3. I was scared just watching the video. I think I may have nightmares. The creepy sound effects will haunt me for days. I’ll send you the bill from my therapist. Also, that first guy, climbing out of the grave reminded me of an ex boyfriend of mine…

    Love the tomb stone contest winner…very witty!

    You deserve an award for this or to be on TV or something!

  4. That does it. Next year I am asking for the last week in October off. I am going to come to your house and stalk…I mean offer to help and then come trick or treating…

  5. Dude, I could totally not come to your house at night, I would pee myself! Also if I actually make
    it to your door you better be giving out some awesome candy! :-)

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