And 20 years later…

I met my husband half my life ago.

In my book, that’s called a long ass time. Today we are married 15 years of that half lifetime.

During work hours he is on the phone constantly.   Our primary conversations will be through text or IM.

Like this:

(ignore the typos because we’re just sloppy, not idiots)




So here’s to 20 more years filled with laughs.

32 thoughts on “And 20 years later…

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  2. change the avi’s and the handles and you have a convo between me and csluiter. and we have only been married 7.5 years.

    yup, we are overachievers.

    or something.

    Congrats, yo.

  3. Everyone knows dry cleaning is a sexual euphemism in married speak. You guys still have the heat! (Happy anniversary-I’ve know my husband for 21 years and we’ve been married for 16 years. And we still can’t keep our hands off our dry cleaning.)

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    We hit 25 years on Oct. 3. Our conversations are less interesting than yours’. Something to look forward to in 5 years, or you two are much more exciting?? ;)

  5. Happy Anniversary! I always have said that my favorite thing about my hubs is that he makes me laugh Glad you have obviously found your soul mate.

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