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Paper Punch Frame How to: 

Paper punches are a great way to embellish your crafts.  You can turn an ordinary item into something that looks custom for the cost of paper.  Combine the different punches and papers, and the options are endless.  Punching around corners was unheard of until a few years ago when Martha Stewart’s paper punches came out.  This corner punch allows you to have a seamless pattern on all sides of the paper.

But it can be tricky.

If you want to have perfect paper punch corners and borders you must measure your paper into the sizes listed in the instructions (below).  I know, it feels a lot like math but do it anyway.   If you don’t do this step, you’ll have a broken pattern.



 Once you have your paper measured right, put the frame face down on the backside of your paper.  

Outline the inner edge with a pencil.  Or a pen.  Your choice.  Be Crazy.

Then outline the outer edge.






Use a craft knife or scissors to cut out the middle and outer edge.

When you flip it over this is what you’ll end up with. Well, depending on what pattern paper you’re using.









Next take the corner punch and punch each corner.

It doesn’t feel like it makes sense that you punch ALL the corners first, but you do.







The punch itself has these corner guidelines

As long as your paper has square sides, it fits perfectly.











Next, line up a corner that you punched with the corner guide on the border punch.

Press down to create your first section of punched pattern.












Then you line up the pattern with the corner to side guide and continue punching across the sheet.







And this is what happens if you didn’t use the proper measurements listed at the top.







But if you do measure and align it all just right?

I put a coat of Metallic Titanium paint on the frame and then used hot glue to put the paper punch border on.




Disclaimer:  I was sent Martha Stewart crafts.  I’m not going to lie, it was a box of awesome.  I may have already framed the box in a gilded frame.    I used the paper punch and paper they gave me on this project.  The rest of the items I already had or purchased with my own money.  I wasn’t told what to craft or what to use.   I didn’t have to write four different craft posts but let’s be honest, who could get through one post with all of that?  Also?  Overachiever.   And I don’t think I expressed any opinions, but if I did, I think we know they’re mine.    So there.

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