The Winner Is….(September)

Who were the competitors this month?

Here are their crafts with credit.



Twitter: @ascapecodturns












Twitter:  @Kimb0Bimb0


Post:  Pottery Barn Reclaimed Wood Planter (tutorial) 








Twitter: @MimzyWimzy


Post: September Craftiness with The Next Martha 










Without them I would be competing against myself.  Awkward.  So thanks for joining me this month.

Please take some time to follow them or read their posts.

And the winner?  That was me.











Phew.  ::notches one on belt::

Next up?  OCTOBER.





8 thoughts on “The Winner Is….(September)

  1. I felt like you had some real competition. I am not an owl fan so that doesnt skew my vote. The PB knock off was awesome, better than the original. If the plantings were more involved that would have been a very serious contender. Pressures on, October is YOUR MONTH. You gotta bring it.

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