September Craft Off- Vote!

This month 3 people have challenged my craft skills.

The craft challenge was:  A fall basket display.  Or an outdoor pot.

Here are the entries in no particular order.

A Mosaic Pot

A Fall Display

Handmade Pot

Hanging Door Display

Now, one of these is mine. The other three are the challengers.

Who’s going win my first Craft Off?

[poll id=’1′]

In other exciting news I’m a judge for another craft contest.
It’s Craft Whores.   Where crafting gets dirty.   Ahem.
And now, with PRIZES!

So go enter.  I’ll be the judge of your dirt.

23 thoughts on “September Craft Off- Vote!

  1. I am super bummed I didn’t see the post about this “Craft-Off” until it was too late. Sometimes I get embarrassingly behind on my blog reading. Next time though, I am so in.

  2. ha ha ha.. I love the “my pot” labels.. although hopefully nobody finds this post by searching for “Where to hide my pot”

    Snort. (I crack myself up!)

  3. Umm, Jen, when my cursor goes by the pictures it shows a little label one of which is “my pot” so it might not be so secret after all! Although I guess that’s how voting is done in Chicago . . . .

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