About that time I was on a stage…

From the moment I learned about the Listen to your Mother production, I swooned.  It was a grass roots start up that brought together words, emotions, and mothers.    When I heard was expanding into Chicago, I knew that I was going to audition.  Even if I didn’t make it, I tried something outside of my everyday mode of  private taxi and primary milk pourer.

And then I was picked to be in the production.

Well.  Um.  Yeah?!  Having never done anything even remotely like this, I was hesitant with my initial excitement of inclusion.

Once I met the other women involved it clicked.  This was so not about me, my worries, doubting, and nerves.   This was about us.  All of us together, bonding over exposed emotions. Supporting each other in only a way another woman could.    I encourage you to watch all the videos.  Maybe not at once, unless you hole up in bed with a box of Captain Crunch and a box of tissues.

Watch the Chicago show:

We had a really humid day that day and since I have naturally wavy hair, I showed up to the theater like this to prevent the frizzies:

Photo credit: @Melisalw


















Which was maybe not the best idea because once I took those curlers out, my hair was not frizzy, but now I looked like the Lorax.

Grab a flat iron and watch my piece here:


You’re going WHERE?

Thanks again to Ann, Melisa, Tracey, and the whole cast for the experience of a lifetime.


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6 thoughts on “About that time I was on a stage…

  1. i am in love with ann imig because of the listen to your mother possibility she has brought to all of us.

    To be able to tell your story, to give people a sense of who you are, to have your voice heard, even if only for 5 minutes — is life changing.

    It says, I AM HERE.

    I’d love to take this idea to children, children at risk … we all want to be validated, to have someone witness that we exist.

    BEAUTIFUL VIDEOS. I’ve been watching for a week now

    Can’t get enough of them.

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