From Crunchy to Corn Dogs

Being a blogger has offered me many opportunities.

I get a chance to waste a ton of time online writing, pinning, instagramming, twittering, and facebooking.

It’s a very glamorous no paid hobby.

Once in a while I will get offers to review something, or give something away.  Look around.  Yeah.  I just don’t have a whole lot of time to fit those in while I’m pinning more mason jar salad ideas.

I remember getting this email about being interviewed on my families eating healthy eating habits.

::Looks in Pantry at Cheetos::


I sort of ignored it for a few days and planned on writing back that I didn’t think it was a good fit for me.

One evening I was watching TV and this commercial came on.  It was for sitter service through

Wait a second.  That sounds familiar.  I went to my email and noticed that the email was from

I took that as a sign that instead of passing on it, I should do it.

I know it’s not a topic that I’m “known” for, but if you’re interested on how I manage an Organic and Corn Dog lifestyle, please read my interview.

Why Mostly Healthy Works for Us.


This is not a sponsored post, and I wasn’t paid or anything.  I just don’t want to be the one post over there that gets no views.  You know what I mean.



3 thoughts on “From Crunchy to Corn Dogs

  1. Maybe I shouldn’t ignore emails, either.

    The thing is , when they start off with “Dear Good, ”

    I kind of delete right away.

    On my way to support the next martha, b/c she makes me laugh on twitter.

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